what ya watchin’?

I haven’t posted any new videos lately

I’ve been too busy watching other people’s

There are some fab ones around
There are some shit ones too
But I’ll try to to stick to the fab

I posted the links to a few of these on my FACEBOOK page
Then I realised that a lot of you have a life aren’t ON Facebook

Now this one is long. Like, really l-o-n-g
If you get through it, I hope you agree that it’s brilliant
The three most important words I took from it, “They. Were. Wrong”
So powerful

And then, a mash up of one of Magoo’s favourite songs….with one of my favourite shows
Which has totally made a crap song bareable
Also, how much time did this take someone to edit?

There’s a reason this next video has been viewed more than 58 million times
It’s pretty speccy
But man, I need a lay down after watching it

File this one under, ‘best idea ever’
YOU get a pizza! YOU get a pizza! EVERYONE gets a pizza!

People being stupid, and getting their stupid captured on video
Will never not be funny

They may be lacking some skills, but they make up for it by lacking in clothes
Also, go the bearded ranga!

Trade this kid for Magoo, and the dog for Eva
And this is EXACTLY how her puppy training is going
But with WAY more poo

And for all of you asking how Macaroni’s recorder practice is going
I wish I could say it was this good

Had to add this one…
My favourite of the week (and a contender for my next song for FUCK IT UP FRIDAY)






things I learned in sydney (part 3)

I learned that when it rains for days on end

Kids will head straight to the craft kits

And when they’ve used all their supplies up

They’ll head to the fruit basket

Then they’ll head outside and enjoy the rain

I learned that my girls will eat raw fish

If it’s prepared by singing chefs

And presented to them on a train

I found out that I’m not the only one who enjoys a glass of red with the nightly bedtime stories

Am I Nanna?

I learned that Coogie Beach is absolutely spectacular

Even in Winter

I learned that when the rain starts up again

Macaroni & Magoo put on a mean puppet show

Complete with theatrical bows an encore

(note to self, buy more socks)

I was reminded that kids like to run everywhere

And that I need a better bra

The kids learned that Nanna really can’t say no

And they couldn’t be happier about it

I watched Cactus & M&M fall become the bestest of buds

Just like I knew they would

I found someone who loves to read more than me

I learned that when having a tea party, custard tarts are essential

I learned that Magoo is not the only one who likes to rock out with her air guitar

And that Macaroni is not the only one who can draw a spot on picture of Poppy

I learned that no one looks coordinated playing in one of these balls

And nothing is funnier to watch

Lastly, looking at this pic

I know why my back is so bloody sore


avoiding grannies and packing

Two years ago the girls and I did this

Today we’re doing it again

Like, in a few hours

And I haven’t packed at all

I’ve been up since 2am

Because I’m a fucking nutjob

But I can’t pack without going into the girl’s rooms and waking them up

So I ironed

And I cleaned

Charged up all my iPhones, iPads, laptops and blah blah

Now it’s 4:30am

And I am ty-yerrrred!

In other, unrelated, insomnia-fueled news

I wanted to show you these pics I took yesterday

An old lady put her car in drive instead of reverse

And drove through a shop window

Luckily for her, she wasn’t hurt

And the shop was empty

Luckily for me and the girls – we were in the shop next door

So we totally dodged a Toyota Corolla bullet there

Good luck renting that place out now

I’m pretty sure this would be the end result if I let my tired arse drive a car today

Here’s hoping the pilot isn’t a fossil who should’ve handed in his license years ago an insomniac too.