out of the mouths of babes…

All the kids at Magoo’s school had to write a short essay
Telling their teacher what Veteran’s Day (Remembrance Day) means to them

Magoo’s essay was chosen to be read out in front of the school for their Veterans Day assembly
She was happy hers was chosen, but NOT so happy she had to stand up in front of her entire school (with the Mayor) to read hers out. Turns out her love of performing is limited to our living room

Nerves aside, she nailed it

One reason I am thankful for veterans is because
They are Americans*
Veterans fight for what is right
Every day a veteran dies for us
And I would give anything so they know
How much I appreciate them
They are my heroes
Thanks to them I am safe


We will remember…


*She knows that their are veterans all over the world, from every country, including her Grandfather in America and her Great Poppy in Australia. 




Yesterday, I found these online
Proving that I don’t always use the internet to source fart jokes and fail videosShowImage.asp
They are, for want of a better term, the military ‘sign up’ papers for my Pop and his brother Percy
The actual forms they filled in when they joined the army (Pop) and the navy (Percy)
I will never not be amazed that technology allows me to just to click a few keys on a computer….and things like this show up

They’re an interesting part of our family history, and I was pretty stoked to find them

While this year will be the first time my family won’t be taking Pop to the ANZAC DAY march

We all WILL be thinking of him, and missing him just that little bit more this ANZAC Day, our first without him
I know that I think of him, every time I look at my bracelet and see my slouch hat charm


This ANZAC Day, there are so many people who’ll be thinking of, and missing someone they love


And so many thousands more people, all over this country, will be honoring those who have sacrificed, and continue to sacrifice, so that we can have the lives we are so lucky to have

ANZAC DAY is a huge event here in Australia and of course New Zealand
It envelopes the country with a sense of pride and brings out a an overwhelming show of respect to our military, past and present
As it should

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them







After getting home from last night’s show at 3am, Mum and I had just enough time to get changed and head to the Dawn Service.
It was an emotional one, but I’m so glad we got there

my macaroni

10 years ago, Macaroni first came on tour with me
In my belly
By the end of the tour, I was 8 months pregnant and could barely reach my guitar it was so far out front. If I was half a foot shorter, I would have been perfectly round.
She was an awesome touring buddy
Someone to talk to at night when I went to bed
My little belly bud that went everywhere with me

The next year, she was back out on the road with us
She celebrated her first birthday in London
She trick-or-treated for the first time in Wales
She learnt to walk in Scotland
And without even trying, she made the tour so lively
We loved getting out of the car at each town
‘Cause that meant playtime

She loved soundcheck, room service ice-cream, indoor pools, watching soccer on TV, and laughing. Always laughing
Just thinking back about that time in our lives, makes me smile
See, that’s what Macaroni does
From the day she was born, and made Diamond and I parents
She has brought so much happiness into our world
And today, nine years later, nothing has changed
We are so proud of the amazing person she is growing into
She’s thoughtful, smart, beautiful, tall and so witty it’s almost scary
So pretty much everything I want to be when I grow up
Knowing that she will be in charge of picking the nursing home for me one day, is a relief
(because if Magoo has her way, we’d all live naked in an animal shelter full of puppies and kittens and tutus)

If she wasn’t my daughter, I would absolutely choose her as my friend

I adore her

She had a big party before I left to come away on tour
And today she gets to celebrate again with her family
When you’re nine, that means….MORE PREZZIES

Happy Birthday baby girl.
I miss you