hit pic, december second, twenty twelve

Every year, we take the kids and Fluffy
And go to a photo studio to get Christmas portraits done
We get all gussied up
Scrub off a bit of the hillbilly
New outfits ‘n shoes
We brush our hair and everything!
But this year, with me just getting back from tour
And Diamond getting ANOTHER fucking dog while I was gone (you can read about her here – and yes, I’ll probably write about her again soon. Just wanted to wait to see if Fluffy ate her or not….you know, didn’t want to waste my time ‘n all that)
We decided, it would be easier (read; dude, fuck going to the mall with kids and 2 dogs on a Sunday in December. Yeah…nah.) to take the pics ourselves
At home
In our new ugly  Christmas sweaters….thank you Primark (note: I thought they were adorable, but I was outnumbered by my daughters, who ASSURED me, they were the perfect attire for a family-ugly-Christmas-sweater-photo. So there you go.)
I had my big girl camera
And the timer-picture-taker-thingy that google had given me a degree in operating….so we could all be in the shot at the same time
We were set.

And then….. 

Proving that you get what you pay for

PS – Diamond is ‘slightly’ out of shot
Trying to catch Fluffy as he ran outside
With Eva in his mouth

‘Tis the season!

hit pic, july 28

After the girls had dinner tonight

I decided to take them for a walk to grab a yummy treat

I had 15 minutes before I had to leave for work

Yes, they had their *jimmy-jams on

But I took them out anyway

Because that’s what bogan mothers who don’t give a shit I do

You can take the girl out of Kalgoorlie…


*M&M speak for pyjamas