too good to be toosday #3

Whattup spunkrats?

Let’s kick off this fine Tuesday with a little giveaway

Even if it’s already Wednesday where you are, ain’t no thang

I’ve been working on all sorts of stuff lately
And I thought I’d let you guys take a guess at one of the things I’ve got happening

Here’s your clue:
Yes, Imma be wearing this
In public
Stop laughing
Thinking about it has made my chocolate (& wine) intake double over the last few days
It’s going to be purdy fo sho.

In the spirit of ‘fuck it’….I thought we’d have some fun with it
Leave a comment on this post, telling me WHY you think I’ll be wearing this¬†curvy girl’s worst fucking nightmare

I’ll pick two winners…
One with the CORRECT answer (that’s assuming someone actually gets the right answer)
And the other with the FUNNIEST my FAVOURITE answer

Each winner will receive a signed copy of my latest album, F.O.C.U.S.

Winners announced Friday 11th October
You can enter as many times as you’d like

Go get ’em!!

**CONGRATS TO SHARA & MARRIANNE….good guessing ladeez!!!