my macaroni

10 years ago, Macaroni first came on tour with me
In my belly
By the end of the tour, I was 8 months pregnant and could barely reach my guitar it was so far out front. If I was half a foot shorter, I would have been perfectly round.
She was an awesome touring buddy
Someone to talk to at night when I went to bed
My little belly bud that went everywhere with me

The next year, she was back out on the road with us
She celebrated her first birthday in London
She trick-or-treated for the first time in Wales
She learnt to walk in Scotland
And without even trying, she made the tour so lively
We loved getting out of the car at each town
‘Cause that meant playtime

She loved soundcheck, room service ice-cream, indoor pools, watching soccer on TV, and laughing. Always laughing
Just thinking back about that time in our lives, makes me smile
See, that’s what Macaroni does
From the day she was born, and made Diamond and I parents
She has brought so much happiness into our world
And today, nine years later, nothing has changed
We are so proud of the amazing person she is growing into
She’s thoughtful, smart, beautiful, tall and so witty it’s almost scary
So pretty much everything I want to be when I grow up
Knowing that she will be in charge of picking the nursing home for me one day, is a relief
(because if Magoo has her way, we’d all live naked in an animal shelter full of puppies and kittens and tutus)

If she wasn’t my daughter, I would absolutely choose her as my friend

I adore her

She had a big party before I left to come away on tour
And today she gets to celebrate again with her family
When you’re nine, that means….MORE PREZZIES

Happy Birthday baby girl.
I miss you


don’t just stand there, bust a move

When Magoo’s soccer team plays, they’re supposed to switch positions all the time, so that everyone gets a chance to play all over the field
Except that Magoo has her coach wrapped around her little finger and she WEALLY WEALLY WUVS TO PWAY GOALIE – so he lets her
Every week.

She actually doesn’t suck at it, but if you ask her why she only likes to play goalie, she’ll tell you it’s because she doesn’t like to run around and get ‘all puffed out and sweaty’. She’d rather stand still and watch.

Gee, I wonder who’s vajay-jay SHE came out of?

One of the things she DOES like to do when she’s pretending to be playing soccer, is dance
All the time.
And sing.

You know that song, ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’? (now you’ve got it in your head all weekend. You’re welcome)
Magoo likes to sing that tune with her own lyrics. (*thud* that’s the sound of the apple falling not far from the tree)

“Who’s the best goalie..? Me, me, me, me, ME!”
“Doesn’t let the ball in..? Me, me, me ,me, ME!”

For someone who doesn’t like to get her heart rate up and her sweat on, she sure likes to boogie

She’s like the unofficial team cheerleader
Who sometimes stops goals

She has her own maneuvers that are like a hybrid of the ‘macarana’ and the ‘time warp’

It’s pretty entertaining

It’s like her own version of trash talking

They don’t keep score in the games. Because they’re still at the age where they try to teach them that, ‘everyone’s a winner, there are no losers’ which I think is bullshit, because  I learned that lesson when I was 6 and got 12 fucking stitches in my head after losing my hockey grand final. But at least I’m not bitter

So every game is called a draw

Tell that to the kid in the green.

hit pic, january 17, twenty twelve

I should maybe call this ‘shit’ pic, not hit pic

Cause it’s Macaroni’s turn to have the gastro bug that hit Macaroni & me last week

She’s been a trooper about it though

And by trooper, I mean WAY better at puking than Magoo. Like, no mess anywhere. Nada. Awesomesauce

Which is WAY better than puke-sauce. In pink shag pile carpet. I’m talking to YOU Magoo

Macaroni even survived me not letting her go to school

Yay for iPads, DSs, fishtanks & Kindles

And jigsaw puzzles, that I offered to sit down and help her with but, “…Mum, it’s really a lot easier and faster if you don’t help”

Oh, and yay for me. Who went out in the sub-freezing temps and snow, to meet Macaroni’s teacher and pick up today’s school work for her.

Because I offered to get her anything she wanted today. Chicken soup maybe?

Nope, she chose math & literature

So even without going to school, she sat and did hours of school work

By choice

Not sure where she gets the ‘learn-y’ gene from. But boy, does she have it bad

With me being Captain Pukey McShitmapants last Tuesday, Magoo on Friday and Macaroni starting last night

My calculations tell me that Diamond will be having the *MAN version of said ‘bug’ later this week

Guess I better notify the hospital