the rock

The most essential part of what Dad and I do, usually starts with the songs
Well, maybe a lack of desire to be politically correct and censor our thoughts
THEN the songs

Then the shows
But it would be impossible to get the albums out, put a tour together, and all the rest without the right people around you
It takes so many smart, organised peeps to get it all done, and we are so lucky (particularly on this tour) to be surrounded by the best of the best
But if you want to look closer. There are people that we absolutely could NOT do any of it without
Our families.
Believe it or not, Dad and I sometimes aren’t the easiest people to be around
I know, you probably thought we ride unicorns and fart rainbows (which we do 99% of the time *cough*) but it takes a special kind of person to be around and put up with us ‘creative / entertainer’ types 24/7
I’m crazy fucking lucky, and I know it, to have both a husband AND a mum that do that in my life. Two normal people, in a sea of professional smart-arses

I know that this tour (Dad’s final one of the UK & Ireland) is the beginning of the slow down for me, as far as having Mum out on the road.
And I’ve got to tell you, while I love touring in any capacity, touring with my Dad & Mum has made me the luckiest chick singer out there.
Mum is without a doubt the most generous, beautiful, kind and funny-as-fuck friend anyone can have. I get the bonus of calling her ALL of those things.
And I get to call her Mum
I don’t for a second ever take for granted how lucky I am to have her
I love every day I get to be with her
I miss every day that I don’t

Living on the opposite side of the world to her is tough on both of us

And it never gets easier

But today, I’m so glad I get to be where she is

I’m not sure I will ever be able to tell you just how much I love and admire you Mum
Try to think of how much you love your favourite person…
Times that by a bazillion
And you might be halfway there

I hope you have the BESTUS of birthdays today

because where else would you go for romance advice?

Not sure what to get the person you like, love, stalk, or just want to bump uglies with this Valentine’s Day?

Whatever your intention, or gift, you’re going to need a card

And the funny fuckers over at someecards have some beauties to choose from

The perfect card for those who are too lazy to go and buy a real card want to save the environment

I’ve picked my top 10 e-cards

And I think I’ve got just about everyone covered…


The Nanna’s and the Pops…

All the single ladies…             

The singletons who are little on the bitter side

The dude in a relationship who wants to get stabbed in the face out of it

Couples who are just dating and ready to throw their lives away take it to the next level 

Men or ME women who are gadget obsessed lovers 

Someone with a death wish

For all those smug married-ies that will probably be divorced before next Valentine’s

For that bitch chick in the office who everyone knows sends cards to herself

And lastly, here’s one for the boys

Otherwise known as, the one that Diamond sends me every fucking year