Dear 2013

Thank you for being another 12 months of full-on EVERYTHING.

We’ve taken the tree down and put away the eleventy hundred tubs of decorations we festive up our house with every December
Also, this treeIMG_0733
Took hours, 4 people (OK, two of them were ‘half’ people) 6 extension cords, 2 trips to the shops to buy more lights, and ladders…..lots of ladders
The biggest tree we’ve ever bought homeget-attachment.aspx
And you yep, you guessed it
Totally worthsies
Now it’s de-decorated, gone, dead, and out the back in the fire pit
Circle of life ‘n all that

And now I’m feeling all reflective-ish and melancholic. (Hi, my name is Jenny, and I’m a melancholic!) 
It might have been the dodgy Mexican I ate last night, but in case it’s not….just roll with me…

I have long had everything I could need in my world, and last year, I hope I learnt to appreciate it more

From my far to quickly growing babies (now in their 10th & 8th year….what?!?!) who continue to make me proud in a way I can’t put into words, and believe me, I’ve got WORDS. But they all sound so overused and soppy when talking about motherhood. It comes as no bigger surprise to this smartarse ME, that they’re ALL true.
I’ve long known that being a Mum is what defines me, so thanks 2013, for reminding me just how incredible a job it is. Tough, exhausting and at times FARK it’s hard….but oh-so-incredibly worth it
Thank you for another year with my partner in this journey, my Diamond. My one man cheering squad, chief motivational arse kicker, and one that never ceases to make me smile. Even when I’m PMSing like a mofo feeling stabby and he’s got a death wish still brave enough to be in the room
Another year spending quality (and all too often) hilarious time with my parents. I am never not grateful to be their daughter and have the uniquely-awesome relationship we share. We like to say that we’re the most functional-disfunctional family around. So true.
Having my Nanna in this world, and getting to spend time with her is always a gift. 2013 gave me all the Nanna love a girl could ask for.
My brother and his family. I only have sibling…and when you have one like I have, who then marries into the awesome and breeds 3 MORE cool dudes, one is all you need. Add him to the list of brilliant men in my world.
My friends. Wow, what an amazing group of humans I have in my corner. Most I’ve had forever, but the new ones I’ve picked up along the way are already part of my forever family. Imma keep ‘em.
My job – really? I’ve had ‘real’ jobs before…and the worst day of my job now, still shits on my best day of doing anything else
So thank you to everyone that makes that possible. The people that put it all together (Hi Westside!) peeps who buy my albums, buy tickets to shows – you make it all possible for me. Y’all make for a pretty cool boss too.
And lastly…me! I’m so thankful to be here. Grateful to be able to see it all and live the life I do. All the pieces in the fabulous puzzle that is my world, make for a pretty fucking incredible journey. I appreciate it. I feel lucky. I know it may not always be this way. So while it is….I’m all about appreciating the shit out of it!
So this is my thank you 2013.
I enjoyed you, and squeezed a lot of living into you. You in return, have been crazy kind to me.
But now, I’m ready to make 2014 my bitch newest best bud….bring it ON.
Wishing you all a year surrounded by the happy, the love and the healthy.
I make a couple of videos at the end of every year
One highlighting family stuff….holidays, kids concerts etc, for Diamond and I to look back on when the kids have moved on/out… and we can’t remember shit
And one of work stuff. That one’s usually my highlight reel for the year. A mix of tour footage, favourite instagram pics and pics of mates and family that I’ve been lucky enough to catch up with on my travels
Thought I’d share my ‘work’ vid with you guys
The in-focus ‘proper’ looking pics were mostly taken by Tam, a most excellent photog and longtime bud
If you look really carefully, you may also spot the Yeti….also known as my brother. Much talked about, but rarely seen…
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flashback friday #1

Once upon a time
In a land far, F-A-R away
(Or 26 hours by plane if you include connections)
I used to be a country singer
I still love country music
But now I prefer to write ‘fuck songs’ instead of ‘folk songs
Just don’t tell Nanna

I found some old film clips from my ‘TJ DENNIS’ days
And you know when you look at old photos of yourself and get all cringe-y?
Watching them is EXACTLY like that
Except I’m moving
And there’s music
So it’s like photos times a bazillion

So instead of FUCKING IT UP like I usually do on a FRIDAY
I thought we could have a FLASHBACK FRIDAY
This week, it’s LONG LAST LOOK
A song I wrote for my second country album (I made 3)
This clip was so fun to make….especially as some of my besties are in it.
They let us eat, drive someone else’s car, and be stoopid on the streets of Perth
Good times!

I think that after you’ve watched this, you all owe me a tragic 90’s photo of yourself

a bonnie wee-kend

Where do I start?
Firstly, I love the shit out of Scotland, and this weekend has just reiterated that.
Two shows, Saturday in Glasgow, last night in Dunfermline
Both were, as they say here, “THE TITS!”
Meaning, fucking awesome. 

We were here back in February filming the Scotland episode for RHYTHMS & ROOTS TV. (You can read about that trip HERE and HERE)
While we were here, Dad recorded the episode song with the Red Hot Chilli Pipers. We thought it’d be a treat (especially for US) to get the boys to come out and play that episode song on stage with Dad at the Scotland shows.
A straight song, at a Kev show? Fuck it, let’s give it a crack.

We also decided to film that
So between rehearsals, two massive sold out shows, filming a DVD, and lots of men in kilts running around backstage…

…it’s been a full on, and fucking fabulous two days.

Standing ovation for Dad and the boys, both nights

The atmosphere was electric, goose-bumpy even.

I even got some Christmas shopping done!
Well, once I work out how to wrap up a Chilli Piper and send him home to Heiny, I’ll have one present sorted.

Scotland, thank you!