babes in the bush

A couple of years ago I got the chance to go visit my mate Bush Babe and her family, at their farm in Queensland
If you were around then, you would have read all about my adventures trying to get there and how much I loved it once I DID actually arrive

Well, my kids never forgave me for that.
You went to a FARM and fed ANIMALS and didn’t TAKE us???

I decided that if I ever DID get the chance to take them, I would.
And this trip to Oz had a 3 day window where we could make it happen.


5 hour flight from Perth to Brisbane
5 hour drive from Brisbane to Bush Babe’s place
38 hours there
10 hours to get back home
As we say in Australia, ‘piece of piss!’ (means EASY)

Mum came with us
Because Macaroni and Magoo want Nanna to be EVERYWHERE they are
Me too!
Plus Mum has an internal GPS that shits all over mine
Meaning we wouldn’t get crazy and hopelessly lost getting there like I did last time


To say my girls had the time of their lives in an understatement

They rode horses
They fed bulls
They rode on a quad bike
They learnt how to crack a whip
They watched me give a lightening quick guitar lesson to the only best student I ever had


They went to see a country kid’s school (2 classrooms for ALL the kids, so cool!)
They saw baby animals and big animals
They built a fort/cubby house out of bales of hay
They became the best of friends with two little Aussies


They climbed trees and had mud fights in the creek
They had a picnic by the river
They watched a spectacular Queensland bush sunset
They had an adventure of a life time

Definitely something two city kids from Chicago won’t soon forget


We ALL loved it
There’s NOTHING like the Aussie bush
Or the incredible hospitality that goes with it


Thanks BB, to you and your fabulously cool family

PS – you can find Bush Babe’s website (and her brilliant documentation of life on the land) on her popular blog by CLICKING HERE
Or head over to her Facebook page!

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One of the BEST cities in the world
Melbourne has everything
And over the weekend, we got to experience it all

The weather, the food, the people, the city
All crammed into 3 days and 2 sold out shows!

We have a few days off now…which, if you can believe it, has NEVER happened before on tour. We get a day off here and there, and once in a blue moon, we have 2 off.
I have the WHOLE week off!!
Of course I have a bazillion things to get done in that time
Starting today with visiting my Nanna 🙂

First show, barefoot….long story.IMG_8672
The Mebourne (motley) crewIMG_8697
The beautiful room we played in at the CrownIMG_8677
The city!IMG_8667
Walking the labyrinth that is the tunnel of confusion, backstage at Crown
The first night’s rowdy crowdIMG_8515
Duck face slash who farted?IMG_8763
Meeting Slinky and his apprenticeIMG_0938
The view from my roomIMG_8616
Daz & AndyIMG_0989
My yummy but didn’t last the night custom choccies from James & Carol at GROOVY CHOCOLATEIMG_8746
Mama bear doin’ her thangIMG_0952
Backstage warming up, sound checking, getting ready taking selfiesIMG_8674
Trying to be artsyIMG_8779
Enjoying the showIMG_8814
Meeting some peeps
Saturday’s fired up crown

Loving what we do.


KALGOORLIE and GERALDTON….you’re next!

what a corker cork!

Stick a fork in us
We are done!
I should probably say, stick a CORK in us, as our show there….the FINAL show of the WHOLE TOUR was in the fabulous city of CORK, here in Ireland

At the beautiful Cork Opera House
The venue for operas, all sorts of fancy schmancy shows
And us
Even the backstage mirror is all ornate-y

No, this doesn’t mean 4 = 1 = 5
It’s 4, 1
Not the 411
It’s 41
Forty One
As in, show number forty one!

And what a pearler is was
A room full of people that laughed loud and often
A crowd that gave us WAY more than we gave them Including the Blues Brothers
The fuck?
Is that like a hint for me to get my arse back home to Chicago?

This is here is the face of two happy kids
A bit tired
But so happy

And as a sure-fire sign that the tour is indeed over
My gig clothes have been binned
And before you say anything about the starving kids in Africa that I should have donated my tranny wardrobe to
I have been wearing this stuff forever. Like, EVERY night on this tour
It’s worn out. There’s holes in it
The bling has all fallen off
And it smells suspiciously like farts and donuts

It’s all probably still in the bin backstage if you REALLY want it
Don’t panic too much though. I kept the shoes
What do you think I am, a monster??

Hey Cork, big sloppy kisses and cuddles to all of you
Thank you!