I’m in love

I just got to meet my newest best friend for the very first time today
She doesn’t have a name yet, and any suggestions better be clean are welcome
She’s a beautiful, custom MATON guitar, created by the amazing Andy Allen
I am lucky enough to have several custom Matons, all Australian made, by Andy
Red, purple, sparkly….
So far, every guitar has sounded better than the last
And I can’t wait to pop this one’s cherry at tonight’s sold out Hexham show
‘Cause you know what they say,
“Once you’ve had black
you never go back you’ll be smiling a lot.”

faboosh folks of folkestone

We were a bag of beans backstage last night
After a lovely day off and big sleeps we were raring to go

Which was a good thing
‘Cause the peeps in Folkestone were ready to party!

What a way to kick off the FINAL week of the tour
And for those that weren’t there, yes Dad is doing the DILLIGAF salute
While I decided to change it up

And do the “V” for victory VAGINA salute

Folkestone, you were fucking awesome.


Hello Stevenage!
It’s been a while…we missed you.
We missed the big ol’ auditorium we play in here
And how when it fills up, it feels like a rock concert
All stadium-y ‘n shit

Rock out with your cock out!
Or, in my case, if you don’t have a penis one…… maybe with just your red lippy and guitar on?

I’d finished my set and signing
And was backstage cracking open a bottle of red taking off my FMFM shoes
When Mum sent me this text

I thought, well, I’m not surprised, they’ve always been crazy about Dad in this part of the world
And then I thought, hmmm….must be nearly time to go home if Mum is starting to say ‘fuck’.
Thank you Stevenage.
For a wild show
And giving Dad the goodbye he deserves

Me…you can’t get rid of so easily.

See you next year! x