all part of a balanced breakfast

Yesterday I got to catch up with a great friend of mine from high school

Fiona now lives here in New Zealand and runs a very successful novelty cookies & cake company

She made these hip Simpson cookies on a stick, for Macaroni & Magoo

That I’m not sure if I’m allowed to take these back into the U.S.

So I should probably eat them, just to be on the safe side

She also brought this with her

A cake of ME – that she made from scratch, less than an hour before she came to meet me

I’m like, dude – that shit would take me all day to make

WITH a packet mix

4 glasses of wine

And it STILL wouldn’t be edible

She said the chocolate cake filling is low fat

But the icing will get you a year stint at Jenny Craig

Bet you’ll never guess what I’m having for brekky?


If you live in the Tauranga area,  and you like delicious homemade yummies – go to Funky Cookies & Cakes

(She also couriers her fabbo treats anywhere in the North Island of NZ)