catch up….hurry!!

The title ‘catch up…hurry’ is really aimed at me
I’ve been busy doing so many things that I’ve gotten exceptionally good at not finishing any of them
My ‘TO-DO’ list has gone from 5 things to what feels like 500 things
It’s fast turning into my ‘fuck-it’ list I can tell ya.

So, where am I?
Well, I finally have my clothes back thankyouverymuch and whatthefuck Qantas!?!

Apparently I’m going for gold in the ‘where-the-fuck-are-my-suitcases’ Olympics
Last week and this upcoming week, I am in Victoria on tour with Dad
We had an awesome first week of sellout showsvictoria2014Mum’s in Chicago with my girls while they’re on school holidays.
She’s loving spending quality time with them, while teaching them by example, that adults don’t have to be grownups and that Nannas never say no.
As you can imagine, they’re all having a shit time.

We’ve bought Heiny out on this tour to take care of the responsible stuff like, getting us to the gigs on time and making sure we have clean clothes.

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As this is the first tour we’ve done without Mum in forever, we decided to celebrate by getting sick as shit.
It’s been quite week of sore throats, doctors and snot over here.
Bum needles for everyone!!

We’re all coming good now, and a couple of nights off came at just the right time

Geez #geelong how speccy are you? #viewfromhere #stunning #ontheroad #jennytalia #kevinbloodywilson

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We spent the first day off, traveling from Geelong to Mildura where Dad pranced around town modeling his new jacket from Gazman. (to add to his 24 other jackets from Gazman) And when I say ‘prancing’, I mean, he’s talking to himself in mirrors and complaining that everyone that walks past can’t stop staring at his amazing new jacket.
Because of course they are Dad.

He was so busy checking out his reflection in the shop windows, that he tried to steal a pregnant lady’s car.
In fairness, he thought it was our hire-car.
It was a Mitsubishi, ours is a Nissan
SO similar.
They were both white, so there’s that.
He’s standing there pressing the unlock button on the remote, tugging at the door handle. The pregnant lady waddled over, and was obviously so blinded by Dad’s new clobber, that she totally forgave him trying to break into her car.
Last night at dinner, he got so excited to see another bloke with the same jacket on that he trotted over to compliment him.
Aaaand walked into a mirror.

We had a nice day around town today – after an early morning doctor’s appointment for me. Antibiotics given to me by a doctor for my ear infections.
That she told me I had without looking into my ears.

Got a cool pic in this deck chair in the middle of town
It was too high for me to climb into and Dad was too short and I was too heavy to help me.
A very tall (and obviously strong) homeless man, was kind enough to give me a leg up.
And then walked off.
I was up there a while.

It would have been rough without the sushi latté Heiny sent up for me

This week’s shows are all either SOLD OUT or really close to it, so if we’re coming to your town, giddyup – we’d love to see you!

23 June Coomealla
24 June Echuca
25 June Mulwala
26 June Wangaratta
27 June Lilydale


Coming up next month…


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Over the weekend I traveled to Ohio to do a show
My friend Brittany was hosting a camp, Camp Throwback
The memo we all got before camp was, “Wouldn’t it be great to re-experience all the camp moments you loved as a kid, now that you’re legally allowed to drink and and light things on fire? Oh wait, you totally can”

I went to camp with my USBFF Kerru. She’s like a taller, brunette version of me….only with a Chicago accent and more swear words. I know, you didn’t even think that was possible, right?

Camp started on Thursday, but we couldn’t leave until Friday night, which had us arriving at 4:30am Saturday. We woke Brittany up when we got there, because we’re lovely like that, and she pointed out where our cabin was. There were already 7 other girls in their sleeping. And they’d just had a 90’s party that night, so I was pretty sure those girl sleeping were drunk off their arses and snoring to beat the band, while wearing flannels over their Nirvana shirts
I was like, dude, if I was hammered and two strangers walked into my cabin, things might get ugly.
So we stood outside the cabin for 10 minutes debating whether or not to go in.
Then decided that heading back to the minivan and pouring a wine would make our decision easier
Two hours later, WE were hammered, the sun was up and we weaved our way back to the cabin, just as our roommates were waking up.
Field day was on the Saturday, and Kerru and I were totally ready to participate in it and get our trophy on
Until we got dressed in our sporty-spice clothes with our headbands and knee-high socks on and used up all our energy.
So we kinda supervised the field day in between naps
Although I spent most of the day killing spiders and bugs because Kerru is a totally pussy completely terrified of any creepy crawly (and her subsequent spazz attacks whenever she spotted something crawling in the cabin could win her a spot on the fucktard version of  ‘so you think you can dance’) and also changing my undies twice from laughing at her.

I made new friends, learnt to shower with thongs on (flip flops) and roll up a sleeping bag, climb a tree and hunt beer
OK, one of those is not true.
It was a crazy 30 hours and I came away absolutely knackered.
The 120+ others had been there since Thursday, so I’m pretty sure most of them would have spent Monday feeling like they were recovering from autopsies.campthrowback4

The show was hilarious. I mean I was kinda funny, but the real funny came from playing to people that haven’t heard my stuff before
Obviously I always play to some people that don’t know my stuff – but playing to a group where nobody has heard me before? Hilarious!
I love seeing people’s faces hearing my songs for the first time.
I don’t think anyone laughed more than me
The weird part of the show?
Not wearing mystripper heels
I felt naked I tell ya.
But they were a great mob, and better than cool to hang out with after the show
FACT: if you get enough crazy-fun people in one space at a time, add in awesome activities (think watermelon eating contest, Bloody Mary’s for breakfast and drunk dodgeball) alcohol and bunk beds, it’s going to be shit-storm of fun.
Add to that some Jenny Talia, ’cause every camping trip needs a classy sheila – and you’ve got the recipe for a camping success

They’ve already announced Camp Throwback 2015
My liver said I can go, but it’s staying home.


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