five finger family discount

Well lookie-lookie here!
Someone made a boo-boo and had the new RHYTHMS & ROOTS hats sent to my house

Don’t care.
All I know is these, ‘strictly for giveaways’ on the RHYTHMS & ROOTS Facebook page and no I CAN’T have one so stop bloody asking’ hats, are sitting in a box in my music room. It’s like these bad boys WANT me to steal them!

And when they get picked up tomorrow to be sent out because I can’t be trusted not to give them away to all my buds to the winners, there’s a pretty good chance there’ll be one missing

OK, maybe two.

five dvds in five days!

Righteo! To celebrate Australia Day (26th Jan) this year

This little Aussie is giving away five copies of my new DVD, WHO DARES GRINS

Yep, 5 DVDs in 5 days!

This competition is for all my mates on all the social networking sites

All you need to do is share!

You’ve seen my new vid, SHIT (BOGAN) AUSTRALIANS SAY


It doesn’t come much more Aussie than that, does it?

If you post the link, share the video, or post the video, consider yourself in with a chance!

I’ll be checking FacebookTwitterYouTube – all of it, over the next 5 days

And will pick one random winner each day

Remember what your Mum said, “SHARE!”

Good Luck!


Here’s the YouTube link for the clip:

On Twitter? Here’s your link:


** UPDATE **

Winner #1 BRIAN REDMAN from Queensland

Winner #2 FLOSS FLOSSEY BOYD from New Zealand

Winner #3 PETER BLAIR from Scotland

Winner #4 RUSS FAHLGREN from Texas

Winner #5 TRACIE COLLINS from the UK



merry christmas to YOU!

Who wants to win a JENNY TALIA pack this Christmas?? (not JT RACK – that belongs to Diamond)

You do??

Well let’s get on it then, shall we?

The first winner was Andrew Meaker – go Andy!

The second winner will be drawn THIS FRIDAY (16th Dec)

The winner will receive





And all of it will be personally signed…to YOU

For those of you who still want to order the new DVD or any other merchandise – don’t forget the cut off date for Christmas orders is December 15th (Australia & NZ orders CLICK HERE) (Everywhere else, CLICK HERE to order)

To enter, just leave a comment here, telling me WHY you love me your favourite song of mine!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

….And GO!!