fridgetown fun

Just had a fantastic few days with my Mum and the girls
Staying at my BFF’s house in Bridgetown
The locals call it Fridgetown in reference to how cold it gets at this time of year
They need to get their arses to Chicago
THAT’S what cold feels like


Their house sits on a spectacular piece of land
Where the kids can just run and run all day long

IMG_5319 2

If they’re not inside getting cooking lessons from Aunty SamIMG_3533
They can now replace me as the official apple pie makers in the family
And by ‘replace me’ I mean, now I don’t have to spend valuable Walmart time in the frozen food aisle trying to pick a pie that looks the most homemade.

(Magoo making a ‘thank you’ portrait for Sammy and her apparently orange head)

We had marathon charades and celebrity heads games
Where my Goddaughter kicked our butts
(in fairness I think I would have guessed Kevin Bloody Wilson had that been on my headband, probably in WAY fewer guesses than she did….I’m not a sore loser at all.)


For those of you that think the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and say to me “holy-shitballs you are exactly like your Dad”IMG_3562

You obviously have never met my MumIMG_3629

While I may take after Dad, in the songwriting, performing politically incorrect DILLIGAF sense

I’m pretty sure the rest of me is made up of my Mother’s traits
Always having the most fun
Dancing along to the music
Laughing the loudestIMG_3649

Hanging out with my BFF and my big-brother from another mother Jimbo (her husband), my god kids, my kids and my Mum
Was such a good time


We jammed
We sang
We danced some more
We ate too much
We laughed and laughed
We drank a few bottles of wine


We made the most of it


Memories made.


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hit pic, april 19, twenty thirteen

To all the boys I’ve loved before

The ones I’ve sung Bastard to

Picked on

Laughed at

And generally used as my play things when I’m doing a show

It is with (some, but not a lot of) sadness, that I regret (a bit) to inform you

That you’ve been replaced

Yep, I’ve upgraded

Please try to understand

Don’t be upset

Don’t do anything rash

Unless being rash involves sending me flowers, or food
In that case, rash away!

It’s just, well…

I call him Slinky, but his given name is Turtle (don’t ask)

Maybe it’s his cute attempt at a Pirate’s of the Caribbean beard

And the fact it looks more like four sad, stray braided pubes

Or the fact that all the shit I threw at him last night

Stuck to him like that can of Jim Beam to his palm


And he was such a top sport about it

So, for now, he is the new ‘chosen one’

Until tonight’s show, anyway