One of my favourite lines in a movie is in ‘Bedtime Stories’, when Adam Sandler says, “For freeeeee?”

Whatevs….when most of the movies you watch are kid-friendly, you learn to love the silly

Anyhoo….it’s your turn to be saying FOR FREEEEEE

My first show in Australia is THIS FRIDAY! Wait, what? But I’m still in Chicago. Not packed. Not organised. Obviously there’s going to be magic and a time machine involved here somewhere.

I digress as fucking usual
The first show is a ST MARYS BAND CLUB this Friday night
Followed by DAVISTOWN RSL on Saturday night

If you want to win tickets, just share this link, or share the post on Facebook
I’ll randomly pick some lucky ducks to win double passes to the show
If you’re nowhere near the shows jump in a cab I’ll get a signed DVD out to you!

Sounds good, yeah?

Winners will be notified by me, when I get out of the time machine in Oz

june fb pic

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cheers chi-town!

The Chicago show was last night
It was over in a blur
After a huge-crazy few days leading up to it
And I was so excited to tell you guys all about it once it was done
I have no photos
The person never without a camera
The girl that took over 18,000 photos last year
None of last night
Yeah, I don’t know how that happened either
So I borrowed a couple from people’s Facebook pages (Hi Tiff!)
Add in the couple of lamo selfies from backstage before the show started
(I would make an excellent bobble head doll – the hooker series)

Where I had butterflies that felt more like fighter-jets doing kamikaze drills in my belly
(so excited I think I need to change my undies….wait, did I WEAR undies?)

It was completely sold out, to the point that we had to move to a larger roomIMG_0560
People came in from all overIMG_0567
(crazy Tracey all the way from Kentucky)


There’s nothing quite like a packed house full of people that had NEVER seen me live before
And a large chunk of them, until last night, only know me as Macaroni & Magoo’s MumIMG_0563
I’m not sure what they were expecting
To be honest, I wasn’t too sure what to expect either

I do know that I haven’t had that much fun at a show in forever1506120_10202920657321940_1888432399_oExpectations….exceeded by a bazillion
Result – officially blown away

Thank you x



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Not counting STAGEIT shows and sitting ’round the campfire at home, it’s been years since I’ve done a show in Chicago
And all signs are pointing to my January 18th show here, being a total ball-tearer.
Yeah, I’m going to know most of the people in the crowd
But if I can’t fuck with the lady from my local post office or my kid’s school principal, then who can?!?
I’m also stoked that although this poster (pic taken last month in Australia) highlights the fact that I hadn’t slept for 2 days (hello-sinus-infection- and-puffy-eye-wrinkles) and holy cleavage!
I do get to finally show off my favourite new boots
That you’ll never get to see me wear live because….broken bones.
I can’t walk in the bastards. Shit, I can barely stand in them
But at least I can SHOW them to you
All the ladeez just went, hell yeah!
And the boys went, wuh?
gaelic poster
Tickets for the show are available through EVENTBRITE

UPDATE: Great write up in the paper about the Chicago show!1601400_10152206477262495_846196445_n
Except for the part where they called me an adult.




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