hit pic, january 17, twenty twelve

I should maybe call this ‘shit’ pic, not hit pic

Cause it’s Macaroni’s turn to have the gastro bug that hit Macaroni & me last week

She’s been a trooper about it though

And by trooper, I mean WAY better at puking than Magoo. Like, no mess anywhere. Nada. Awesomesauce

Which is WAY better than puke-sauce. In pink shag pile carpet. I’m talking to YOU Magoo

Macaroni even survived me not letting her go to school

Yay for iPads, DSs, fishtanks & Kindles

And jigsaw puzzles, that I offered to sit down and help her with but, “…Mum, it’s really a lot easier and faster if you don’t help”

Oh, and yay for me. Who went out in the sub-freezing temps and snow, to meet Macaroni’s teacher and pick up today’s school work for her.

Because I offered to get her anything she wanted today. Chicken soup maybe?

Nope, she chose math & literature

So even without going to school, she sat and did hours of school work

By choice

Not sure where she gets the ‘learn-y’ gene from. But boy, does she have it bad

With me being Captain Pukey McShitmapants last Tuesday, Magoo on Friday and Macaroni starting last night

My calculations tell me that Diamond will be having the *MAN version of said ‘bug’ later this week

Guess I better notify the hospital




jules & bazza, sitting in a tree

Please forgive me for the eleventy-hundred pics in this post

Or don’t

I just wanted sufficient documentation

Proof, if you like

That the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gilliard, is a hussy

You see, U.S. President, Barack Obama, just did a whirlwind visit to Oz

And in that time

Our chief Fanta Pants, could not stay away from the poor dude

Like, followed his arse EVA-REE-WHERE

Giving him her best “yes big boy….the curtains DO match the carpet…let me show you” look

Trying to stick her tongue in his ear at every opportunity

I mean, the dude’s married to one of the hottest black women on the planet

With a set of biceps that would mangle old mango mutt up in a minute

No ranga, not even a powerful stupid one could stand a chance

I mean, Bazza’s kinda handsome and all

But geez Jules, you’ve got a hairdresser who the whole world knows is a raging poof fella of your own at home

You can’t have everything you want you know

You already fucked one powerful man

I think that might be enough now

Not that you’re going to listen to a voice of reason

Apparently once you’ve dreamed of having had Barack…you can’t go back