big girls

The girls started school yesterday

Macaroni’s in 3rd grade now….and will probably be taller than me before the year’s over
Magoo started 1st grade, so I guess that’s my cue to stop wearing maternity clothes.
Macaroni was all excited to see her friends again after a long summer.
Magoo was a little anxious about being gone all day (as opposed to half day last year) She was worried I’d miss her and be sad.
She is right.
But what she wasn’t worried about, was the other kids.
She said everyone would be super nice to her once they saw her mouth

And she’s tell them her nickname is ‘Bruiser’

too long for twitter…

Just finished doing Magoo’s homework with her.
I can handle the Kindergarten homework she brings home. But Macaroni’s 2nd grade stuff? I leave that to Diamond.
Today Magoo had to find rhyming words.
I’d say the word, she give me word that rhymed with it, then use it in a sentence.

Me: fox
Magoo: LOX. I want to cut my hair and give it to LOX of love for the sick kids

Me: dot
Magoo: BOT. I have a ro-BOT, that I went to the store and BOT with my pocket money

Me: pet
Magoo: SHET. I was driving my car and an old lady got in my way and I said HOLY SHET!

God, I love that kid.


bully – the movie

Have you heard about a new movie, “BULLY”?

It’s a documentary film about bullying in schools

Regular readers here would know that I have an opinion on most things as most bucket mouthed moles do

But there’s few things that set me off and get me all rant-y, like bullying does (read hereherehere, & here)

I guess all of us have ‘something’ that gets us going. Politics, the environment, animal cruelty, the cast of Dancing With The Stars

Bullying is one thing that can make both my tears flow and my blood boil at the same time

And I understand that ‘kids will be kids’ and there’s a certain amount of teasing and messing around that will always happen in the school yard. But when a kid is relentlessly taunted and abused, to the point that he takes his own life life, well that’s just plain fucking wrong. So very, very wrong.

BULLY, the movie, is released this year.

The movie has one major problem. It’s been rated R – which means that the very people that SHOULD be watching this, KIDS – can’t legally watch it

I’m not sure if it’s going to be realized in Australia, UK or anywhere else around the world. I hope it is. (for now it’s just the U.S)

But just in case, it would be beyond awesome, if you guys could add your name to the petition to get the rating of the movie changed, so that kids can watch it.

If kids can see the harm and devastation that bullying can cause, and decide not to do it to another kid – even if it’s just a few kids – that’s got to be a good thing, yeah?

I’m a Mum. I have nieces and nephews, Godchildren. Bullying is everywhere. It’s rampant. It’s wrong.

I generally don’t sign petitions. I don’t forward emails. I delete so much ‘please pass this on’ stuff that lands in my inbox. So I understand if you don’t do this.

But if you do, thank you.

How cool would it be if all of us, added together, can make one kid not bully another kid? Or one kid step in to stop a kid being bullied? Or one kid make friends with a kid who needs a friend?



(if you want to forward this to your mates, then I don’t know why people call you a shithead….you’re obviously awesome! – copy this link and pass it on)