dear jenny

Dear Jenny
I think you’re great but I think you shouldn’t swear so much
I think that your hair is really cool but I think would look better really short
I would really like to see you on TV and I think that you should go on Dancing with the Stars or something
I think you would lose so much weight if you did that.
Jodie (from Tasmania)


Hi Jodie
Thanks for writing
I ‘think’ I’m glad you (kinda?) like my hair
Sorry about the swearing, it’s not on purpose…I don’t ‘think’?  It’s just fucking hard not to, you know?
Dancing with the Stars? I ‘think’ you might need to lay off the crack pipe
Give my love to your brother/cousin/husband Tasmania!


it’s not over….until I sing

2 days after Christmas, and my living room still looks like Santa’s sack exploded all over the joint
I’ll get to it all eventually
I’m prioritising
First, demolishing all the leftovers
Well done, me
Then making plans for New Year’s
Bring it.
Then, playing with all the cool stuff the kids got. Hello mini Fender guitar and drum kit!
Then anything else I can think of. Get nails done. Christen my new crockpot. Power naps. Take Eva back to the pound.
Then, maybe I’ll tackle this mess

But probably not.