makeover, magoo style

I posted this

And you guys were all, c’mon Jen, don’t be a pussy…post the pics
And I was like, fuck you. No
Then my 8 year old daughter got home from school and was all, MUM!! What happened to your F-A-C-E?!?!?

Then she immediately went to work to rectify it

I guess she didn’t do too badly considering she’s never done it before. And only poked my eye 3 times with the mascara.
She was so proud of the do-over she did of her little sister’s original work of ‘art’ that she tried to get me to promise to leave it on until my next show
I was like, dude, it’s not until the 3rd of October!
She’s all, Mum, puh-lease??
OK, whatever

Pretty good outcome considering how furiously the two of them scrubbed the first effort off
I reckon I lost at least 7 layers of skin
But it was worth it

To get rid of this

Fuck off.

birthday boy

I had told the kids about a little boy named Cole

(read about him here)

Who is really sick, and is going to spend his 5th birthday (Monday) in the hospital

I asked if they wanted to help me pick out a birthday card

Because his Aunty had written about him – asking people from everywhere to send him a card

To help make his birthday extra special

They decided it would be WAY better if they made cards for him

They were right

I’m off to the post office to send them

Along with about as much love that one envelope can hold


UPDATE – Cole passed away January 16th. But not before receiving thousands of birthday wishes from all over the world. RIP Beautiful boy xx

excess baggage

I took a few photos before I left for the airport

(heading to Australia for the Melbourne shows with Dad)

I took the pics to show myself just how ridiculous it is

To be going on the shortest trip I’ve been on all year

With as much luggage as I had when the whole family went to Oz in July

But it’s Christmas!

I wanted to bring MORE

The photos were also to show the Qantas folks WHAT my luggage LOOKS like

Just in case they ‘happen’ to lose my shit


It didn’t take long to forget about the bags

And look at that puppy with the sad face

He doesn’t like it when the suitcases come out

He misses me when I go away

Right back atchya Fluffinator

Right back atchya.