southport signs

Even though I have the big girl camera with me on tour
Sometimes it’s just too hard, you know?
Me being the boss of the lazy moles ‘n all
Sometimes I just like to take snaps of stuff as I see it
Without having to drag the big boy out of the camera bag
Nothing special usually
Just bits and pieces I see throughout the day that I snap with my iPhone
Like this restaurant in Northampton the other day

I didn’t go in there, but I like to think they’re open 24 hours a day. Serving nothing but Snickers bars, red wine and sarcasm

And when we arrived in South port for tonight’s show and I’d left my big girl camera in the car because I am a genius I saw this and was all, fuck yeah….a lolly machine backstage!
Only 35p each….bargain!

I was all busy counting out my change, but then I read this

The fuck Southport?
I can’t EAT them?
What’s the point in that??

Apparently they’re ear-plugs
‘Cause the peeps in Southport can get a little on the loud side
I mean,I was HAPPY that it was a big, sing-a-long-y kinda night
But still totally sulky that I didn’t get any sweets
Until someone came along and gave me the BIGGEST box of Maltesers I’ve ever seen
Yep no one’s getting stabbed today it’s a good day

A great crowd AND chocolate?
Fuck yeah Southport!!


as it should be

It was a weekend of chocolate, fun, family, chocolate, gifts galore, shopping, chocolate, games, naps, laughing and chocolate

The perfect Easter. Hope yours was too x

happy chocolate day

Easter: another day of the year where some little dude covered in white hair (hello Santa and the Easter Bunny, you lazy pair of bastards) gets all the credit, for the Mums & Dads running around doing all the work

I mean, who doesn’t want to be up LATE Saturday night stuffing plastic eggs full of chocolate, then heading outside, in the cold, and pitch black because we can’t turn the fucking lights on because Macaroni likes to peek out of her bedroom window for a possible bunny sighting to ‘HIDE’ them for the following morning’s ‘egg hunt’

All while trying to avoid land mines left by the fucking dog Fluffy

Plus side?
It’s the one day of the year that I can openly eat chocolate for brekky!
Instead of hiding in the garage or the toilet like I have to do the rest of the year