posh puppy

Our new puppy Eva, likes to watch TV
She also likes to eat shoes, fart, bite noses, chew my glasses, and stick her nose in your vajay-jay. But she REALLY likes to latch onto Fluffy’s tail and let him drag her around the house
He’s put up with is so far, but her day is coming, believe me. That 150 pound ball of white fur is going to let her have it soon.
I hope I have my camera ready
She has the girls wrapped around her little poo-covered paw
And insisted that when it was time for bed tonight, that SHE get to read books too
Well, more like, “Yo humans, Imma sit on YOUR lap, and your gonna read me one of those big shiney Christmas books you got, K?”
Tonight’s choice was Aunty Claus (a favourite for years in this house)

This face is the face that has everyone suckered in
Except me
I see you puppy
I know your game

anal in aylesbury

Oh my God
The new theatre in Aylesbury is incredible

So well designed, with ah-may-zing acoustics

It was so lovely, Dad and I were almost worried about singing our fuck songs doing our thing in such a brand spanking new fancy schmancy venue

As it turns out we were the best behaved peeps in the room

Aylesbury, I knew I loved you.

This just confirmed it.

hit pic, october 14, twenty twelve

I got to catch up with Ian, a mate of mine, when we were in Hayes
Our friendship started years ago, when he was performing as a drag queen, and was looking for a good name. Connie Lingus anyone?
He googled the name JENNY TALIA, found me….blah…blah…now I love him
He’s the funniest person I follow on Twitter
And my absolute favourite gay Pom

Despite the fact that he owns a Chihuahua

You can find me on Twitter here
You can find Ian on Twitter here