hit pic, october 14, twenty twelve

I got to catch up with Ian, a mate of mine, when we were in Hayes
Our friendship started years ago, when he was performing as a drag queen, and was looking for a good name. Connie Lingus anyone?
He googled the name JENNY TALIA, found me….blah…blah…now I love him
He’s the funniest person I follow on Twitter
And my absolute favourite gay Pom

Despite the fact that he owns a Chihuahua

You can find me on Twitter here
You can find Ian on Twitter here 


So my new song 50 SHADES, has been played more than 1200 times in less than 24 hours
I love you guys
And I love that we share the same fucked up sense of humor
My people!

Let’s keep it going, shall we?
Here’s another preview from the new album F.O.C.U.S (out sooner than soon on iTunes!)
Girls, have a listen and see if I missed anything out
Fellas, have a listen and let me know just how many things from ‘my list’ in this song, that YOU tick off
More than half, and I don’t know why they all say you’re a tosser
I reckon I could totally find you a girlfriend

Does she have to have teeth?

hit pic 7 march, twenty twelve

The front row bastard from last’s night show in Tanunda got really dressed up for the occasion

I wish there was a font to adequately show the sarcasm intended for that sentence

As you can imagine, I totally ignored him and didn’t make fun of his board shorts and *thongs


I like to call this photo…

“At Least One Of Us Gives A Fuck”


*thongs – Aussie for flip flops