throwback thursday…#1

I love checking out people’s old pics on Twitter for Throwback Thursdays
Some are funny….some are cute….some are just weird

I figured if I was finally going to join the ‘Throwback Thursday’ parade, I’d do it with a with a doozie, and go tits out

No really, TITS. OUT.


I like to call this one….”THE BEFORE SHOT”

Many, MANY, many, MANY (I waited a LONG time for boobs) years later (and two breastfed babies) ..and I don’t quite look like this in the bath anymore

No “AFTER” pics though


It’s not ‘Throw-up Thursday’ you guys.


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say hello to my little friend

My red guitar has been with me for years
We’ve been everywhere together
Only separated when the airlines did what airlines do, and ‘misplaced’ her. I’ve actually lost count how many times that happened
But no complaints here….because I ran out of swear words for those fucktards got her back
Every. Time.
She’s been my gigging buddy from Japan to New Zealand, England to the USA, South Africa to East Timor, Ireland to every corner of Australia. And we did most of those destinations more than a few times together

She still sounds great
She has a few dings in her, or ‘love bites’ as Dad calls them

But her boobs are as perky as ever
And she will always be known as my ‘boobie git-fiddle’

She’ll still come to some gigs with me
As a spare
Because I’m shit at changing strings and sometimes it’s easier to carry two guitars
Also, I’m lazy
Or maybe I’ll just bring her along just to embarrass my nephews, should they ever decide to come to another show

So while I’ll miss my red boobie git-fiddle

I’m pretty stoked
‘Cause when I get to Australia (Sydney tour, April…giddyup!)
There’s a new little beauty waiting for me
A brand new, custom made Maton Guitar
Handmade by the über talented head luthier and all-round top dude, Andy Allen
Andy has made all my previous guitars, and each one sounds and looks better than the one before
So I’m ridiculously excited to get my hands on this

And somewhat shitting myself to see what he’s painted on the back of this one.

st albans stories

One of the things Dad and I have always loved about touring, is some of the great people we get to meet
Hearing their stories
Without sounding cheesy, it’s really cool sometimes, to hear about WHO the people are that come to the shows.

Last night we got to meet Tim, for the second time
Tim came to the show the last time we were in St Albans, in 2009
On that day 3 years ago, he had also been laid off from his job
When Dad asked him at the time what he did, he answered, “…as of today, I am unemployed”
Dad said, “…if you could be doing anything, what would you do? Where would you like to be in 5 years?”
They went on to have a quick chat about what Tim would like to do – and said goodbye with Dad telling him to, “go for it”

Tim lined up (for over an hour) last night, just to tell Dad thank you
He said that conversation 3 years ago, gave him the motivation to move on and move up
He now owns and runs (very successfully) his own small business
Dad thanked Tim for sharing his story, he loved hearing it. And reminded Tim while their chat may have spurred something in him, it was Tim that did all the hard work, and he should be proud of himself.
Well fucking done Tim.
Love it

Almost as much as Dad loved the lady after Tim


We love the stories
But Dad REALLY loves boobs.
Shocker, that.