new fuck it up friday!

In latest episode of JUST JENNY – episode 40! – I’m finally explaining my *deep-seated fear of gingers….my #RANGAPHOBIA 🤡

And what better song to FUCK UP than a GINGER’S song!?!?!

Thanks Ed 👊


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*Did anyone else think it was ‘deep-seeded’?
*puts hand up*



ravo & collie

It’s so great to back in WA for a little while
So many people comment on how much of a genius I am leaving he Chicago summer to come back to the Aussie winter

And I’m all like, um there’s not THAT much difference between a Chicago summer and an Aussie winter…ha!

So while I’m not running around in a bikini you are welcome I AM at the beach and enjoying the shit out of being home!

Mum’s cooking and elastic pants for the win!!

Also stoked to be able to squeeze in a couple of shows while I’m here

Two of my fave WA gigs to do are at the RAVO and COLLIE!

They’re always chockas full of fellow mad bastards and so many of my favourite faces.
What’s NOT to love?!?

If you haven’t got your tickets yet, give the venues a call!

Also, some NEW DATES for Vic & NSW for NEXT MONTH with DAD have just been added!! 
Check out the TOUR DATES page for all the info 


See you soon spunks!!