catch up….hurry!!

The title ‘catch up…hurry’ is really aimed at me
I’ve been busy doing so many things that I’ve gotten exceptionally good at not finishing any of them
My ‘TO-DO’ list has gone from 5 things to what feels like 500 things
It’s fast turning into my ‘fuck-it’ list I can tell ya.

So, where am I?
Well, I finally have my clothes back thankyouverymuch and whatthefuck Qantas!?!

Apparently I’m going for gold in the ‘where-the-fuck-are-my-suitcases’ Olympics
Last week and this upcoming week, I am in Victoria on tour with Dad
We had an awesome first week of sellout showsvictoria2014Mum’s in Chicago with my girls while they’re on school holidays.
She’s loving spending quality time with them, while teaching them by example, that adults don’t have to be grownups and that Nannas never say no.
As you can imagine, they’re all having a shit time.

We’ve bought Heiny out on this tour to take care of the responsible stuff like, getting us to the gigs on time and making sure we have clean clothes.

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As this is the first tour we’ve done without Mum in forever, we decided to celebrate by getting sick as shit.
It’s been quite week of sore throats, doctors and snot over here.
Bum needles for everyone!!

We’re all coming good now, and a couple of nights off came at just the right time

Geez #geelong how speccy are you? #viewfromhere #stunning #ontheroad #jennytalia #kevinbloodywilson

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We spent the first day off, traveling from Geelong to Mildura where Dad pranced around town modeling his new jacket from Gazman. (to add to his 24 other jackets from Gazman) And when I say ‘prancing’, I mean, he’s talking to himself in mirrors and complaining that everyone that walks past can’t stop staring at his amazing new jacket.
Because of course they are Dad.

He was so busy checking out his reflection in the shop windows, that he tried to steal a pregnant lady’s car.
In fairness, he thought it was our hire-car.
It was a Mitsubishi, ours is a Nissan
SO similar.
They were both white, so there’s that.
He’s standing there pressing the unlock button on the remote, tugging at the door handle. The pregnant lady waddled over, and was obviously so blinded by Dad’s new clobber, that she totally forgave him trying to break into her car.
Last night at dinner, he got so excited to see another bloke with the same jacket on that he trotted over to compliment him.
Aaaand walked into a mirror.

We had a nice day around town today – after an early morning doctor’s appointment for me. Antibiotics given to me by a doctor for my ear infections.
That she told me I had without looking into my ears.

Got a cool pic in this deck chair in the middle of town
It was too high for me to climb into and Dad was too short and I was too heavy to help me.
A very tall (and obviously strong) homeless man, was kind enough to give me a leg up.
And then walked off.
I was up there a while.

It would have been rough without the sushi latté Heiny sent up for me

This week’s shows are all either SOLD OUT or really close to it, so if we’re coming to your town, giddyup – we’d love to see you!

23 June Coomealla
24 June Echuca
25 June Mulwala
26 June Wangaratta
27 June Lilydale


Coming up next month…


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I’ve been lucky enough to be in Australia for the last three ANZAC days and able to attend a dawn service in whatever city I was at on the day
My Pop marched for years every April 25th and when he couldn’t walk it anymore, one of his kids would push his wheelchair in the parade.


Pop’s not with us anymore, and ANZAC Day is probably more important to us now that he’s gone.

This year, I’m home in Chicago, and happy to learn that they have a service for ANZAC day here every year.

It’s a rainy, cool day here today and I wondered how many people would show up

Turns out a lot would…


Brollies in hand, us Aussie and Kiwi expats came out in droves to commemorate those who have fought and died for our countries
It was held at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in the city – a beautiful spot, even on a dark and dreary morning

It was both my girl’s first time attending an ANZAC Day service, and they were keen as mustard for it – particularly as this year marks the 100th anniversary
I had to brush up on my history (hello Google) to answer the eleventy-hundred ANZAC related questions they had
I’ve been attending ANZAC Day dawn services since I was a schoolkid – and it felt pretty great to pass that on down to my own children.


The Last Post never fails to make me tear up, and this year was no exception
I think hearing it played so well (great job Mark Olen!) only increased the lump in my throat


The Australian Consulate General & The New Zealand Honorary Consulate did such a good job this year, with both the ceremony and the breakfast afterwards. On such a significant day, they delivered a much appreciated piece of home to so many.

Proud Aussie sheila, right here.


As a special touch, all the children that attended were gifted with a commemorative coin/medallion – how cool are they?


My favourite quote of the day came from Magoo:

“I feel important and special that my Groppy (what she called her Great-Grandfather, my Pop) fought for Australia in the Second World War and my Grandpa fought for America in Vietnam. We get to be happy and awesome because of them. We’re very lucky Mum!”

Yes we are.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.


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