nashville show now on sale!

Pretty stoked to be heading back to one of my favourite places on the planet…NASHVILLE!

It was my first home when I moved to America, and OH THE STORIES I HAVE.
Still trying to work out which ones I’ll share, which is code for, I don’t remember much from those drunken years!

I’m going to squeeze some faces I haven’t seen in forever and share my lovely ladylike ways with the new peeps that haven’t seen my show before  😆 

Tickets are on sale now, so if you’re in Nashville, or know someone who is… BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVERRRRRR.

You can thank me later.
With wine.

And don’t forget, tickets to my CHICAGO SHOW are on sale now too!

January’s shaping up to be a BALL TEARER!!
And lets not forget NEW ZEALAND in FEBRUARY with DAD… WHAAAAAT?!?!?

Be sure to check out all the tour dates!

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new fuck it up friday!

In latest episode of JUST JENNY – episode 40! – I’m finally explaining my *deep-seated fear of gingers….my #RANGAPHOBIA 🤡

And what better song to FUCK UP than a GINGER’S song!?!?!

Thanks Ed 👊


You can check out ALL the previous episodes of JUST JENNY, which is chock-full of FUCK IT UP FRIDAYS…over at my Facebook page



*Did anyone else think it was ‘deep-seeded’?
*puts hand up*