thanks for helping me stageit!

How much fun WAS THAT??
Just when I thought our 30 minutes were almost up
A little ‘ENCORE’ button popped up on my screen
Yes please
You guys helped make it such a fun gig for me
A big thank you to ALL of you who were watching all over the globe

The setlist was completely made up of your requests
And no, I didn’t get through them all…I could do whole ‘nother show with just the songs I didn’t get to
I’ve never done anything like that before
And I gotta say
Will we do another one?

Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?
I think we all know that answer to that.


snot, spring break, set lists and shhhhh I’m taking a nap

So, there’s 3 more sleeps until my first ever STAGEIT show.
And I have bronchitis.
Now, it should be said that I never really accepted bronchitis as a ‘real thing’
I used to go to school with a girl that was always home with ‘bronchitis’
And her boyfriend was always absent with it too.
So of course I thought bronchitis was some kind of code for ‘blow job’
Turns out, bronchitis is code for constant chest pounding coughing and general ‘I’m probably dying-ness’
Diamond WISHES it was blowjobs keeping him up at night
Instead, he gets, ‘water, I need water…more pillows…tell my Mum I love her’stageit flyer
But…I’m doing all the right things, and plan to be good to go by showtime Saturday.
There’s a good chance I’ll even change out of my PJs and shower too.
The set list is up to you guys, which is a good plan
Because every time I take a sip of the Jesus Juice that the doctor prescribed, I want to bust out some Salt ‘N’ Pepper or Neil Diamond.
A set list composed by me would be very weird right now.

Another reason to want to get rid of this lurgy….SPRING BREAK!
Not wet t-shirt, beer bong spring break.
This is more, we’ve got kids and are supposed to take them with us when we go places now
So, skiing it is.
Outside…in the snow….temperatures hovering at zero all week
PERFECT for getting over whatever ails you
Unless what ails you is bronchial and cold air makes you hack up.
When I booked it, I had visions of me in a cute ski suit, drinking hot chocolate by the lodge fire, regaling other guests with my stories and photos of me mastering the most advanced slopes on offer. All while patting a St Bernard that lay dozing at my feet.
Realistically, it’s shaping up to be me and my camera, bottom of all slopes, taking photos of Diamond and the girls skiing up a storm….while I hold my flask of lemsip, using the lid to deposit lung oysters the cold air makes me cough up. With the odd ‘fuck off’ tossed at whoever wants to come up and say hello.
It IS my birthday while we’re there, though
So, cake.
Cake makes everything better.

So, here’s what I need…
Besides these Jesus Juice hallucinations to stop (last one had me dropping the kids off to school in my bathing suit….oh wait…)
I need you guys to create the set list
Remembering that the show is only 30 minutes long
But I’ll be able to throw in songs from the new album, Fuck It Up Fridays….
Whatever you choose…

Leave a comment here, with your ideas, suggestions and cures for this bronchial bullshit
I’ll pick one, and send that peep out a copy of my new cd F.O.C.U.S.
I’ll announce the winner during the STAGEIT show



watchya watchin’?

I’ve always been a Billy Joel fan, but this video ups his cool factor by a bazillion in my eyes
Plus, you KNOW the kid playing piano has major skills to be able to play like that, while hiding his enormous fan-boner under the keyboard. I tip my hat to you young man

There’s a tonne of ‘fail’ videos out there, and there’s some on this next compilation you’ve probably seen before….but there are some new ones on here…and oh my God, I snorted A LOT watching this. Loved it.

When the kids and I are all tech-ed out, using our iPods, iPhones, laptops and iPads…Diamond just shakes his head at our obsessive need love of gadgets. He’s forever rolling his eyes at the three of us.
So maybe don’t show him this one, K?

This guy…this guy is basically me on any given week.
Except when I’m recording FUCK IT UP FRIDAYS, I don’t post the vids of me falling of chairs, dropping my guitar, tripping over, or just generally being a drunk fucking unit.
I know you guys would love it if I did.
Totally not gonna happen this week

Some people have motivational posters on their walls, or inspirational people who’s words they live by.
Me, I just want to be this Nanna