i’m a sheila…

You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but I don’t think it’ll ever stop be weird spending Australia day in the snow
And if you live in Chicago, there’s a pretty good chance, that come January 26th (Australia Day) there’ll be some snow on the ground
Despite that, it’s still a day to celebrate my Aussie-ness
You don’t have to be in Australia to do that

Australians are travelers….and I know there’s Aussie’s all over the globe right now, knocking a few back….in honor of ‘our’ day

Which leads me to ask the question, to all my Aussie mates reading this
What does being Australian mean to you?

For me, it’s not just about where I was born or what nationality is listed on my passport
Being Australian is WHO I am
It’s a pride thing
I’m proud to be from a country that, when I meet new people from other countries, they nearly always say, “I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Australia!”
That’s a great compliment, and I love that Australia is held in such high regard by so many people

Australia to me is about mates
Working hard, but knowing how to take it easy
Having a sense of humour
And for me, being proud to have a little bit of BOGAN in me
I love being able to say that I was born in a small (at least it was back then) outback town like Kalgoorlie

I love that our national anthem gives me goosebumps every time I hear it
I love that my daughters (both born in the USA) will eat a Vegemite sandwich with me
I love that after 14 years of hearing me talk, I can still bust out new Aussie slang that Diamond hasn’t heard before
I love that my Dad is an Aussie icon and has been nominated for Australian of the year
I love that my 65 year old Mum has a wetty (wetsuit) and a boogie board
I love that Australia Day is also my Nanna’s birthday
I love meat pies, Paul Kelly songs, the Australian flag, calling flip flops ‘thongs’, red dirt and being a SHEILA!

I love being Australian

Happy Australia Day!

To help get your party started,
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I’M A SHEILA (Jenny Talia)
from my latest album F.O.C.U.S.

Crank it loud at your barbie
I know I will be!



fuck it up friday #21

Just so you know, I realise most of you will go straight ahead and watch the video without reading this post.
I forgive you.

On every album I’ve released so far, I have covered one of Dad’s songs.
This is one that I recorded on my very first album
Dad suggested I do it for a Fuck It Up Friday too

I was like, “but I didn’t ‘fuck it up’ Dad….I did a cover version. Like a tribute.”
And Dad was all, “You didn’t fuck it up? Well that’s debatable”


So here’s me fucking up, or not fucking up, Dad’s song, TAKE IT LIKE A MAN
He originally wrote this for me years ago, and I was all, “Eewwww DAD!!!
Thank you!”

♥♥♥ This can be my early Valentine’s present to you guys.
‘Cause I’m romantic like that. ♥♥♥

your Valentine’s present to the absolute dick in your life someone special ♥ 

dear jenny

Dear Jenny
I think you’re great but I think you shouldn’t swear so much
I think that your hair is really cool but I think would look better really short
I would really like to see you on TV and I think that you should go on Dancing with the Stars or something
I think you would lose so much weight if you did that.
Jodie (from Tasmania)


Hi Jodie
Thanks for writing
I ‘think’ I’m glad you (kinda?) like my hair
Sorry about the swearing, it’s not on purpose…I don’t ‘think’?  It’s just fucking hard not to, you know?
Dancing with the Stars? I ‘think’ you might need to lay off the crack pipe
Give my love to your brother/cousin/husband Tasmania!