fuck it up friday (repeat)

Every year we make a shitload of promises to ourselves
That normally don’t last a week
Or in my case, a day
But as they saying goes, “no good story ever started with a salad”

So drink up friends!
Stay safe, and be awesome!!

PS – there’s a NEW, slightly fucking fantastic (if I do say so myself) competition on the way. Oh yeah!
Stay tuned…

it’s not over….until I sing

2 days after Christmas, and my living room still looks like Santa’s sack exploded all over the joint
I’ll get to it all eventually
I’m prioritising
First, demolishing all the leftovers
Well done, me
Then making plans for New Year’s
Bring it.
Then, playing with all the cool stuff the kids got. Hello mini Fender guitar and drum kit!
Then anything else I can think of. Get nails done. Christen my new crockpot. Power naps. Take Eva back to the pound.
Then, maybe I’ll tackle this mess

But probably not.

classy crackers

I’m totally cheating with Christmas crafts this year
Some people bake. I’m lucky  enough to have some mates that do, then drive around delivering the cookies they made, to non-bakers like me.
Then I do my bit by eating them
It’s a team effort.
I do like crafts though
The girls and I try a different one every year
This year I cheated like a mofo and grabbed some ‘pre-made’ craft kits
And by pre-made, I mean it’s the slacker’s way to be Martha Stewart.
I must have fore-seen my pre-Christmas disorganisation when I bought them

It’s still fun to do
These ones didn’t turn out too realistic though

Um. hello? I have my legs crossed

We have crackers on our table every year for Christmas.
This year, I grabbed these great ‘make your own’ kits from Marks & Spencer when I was in the UK
You add your own gifts to each one
Then label it to who you think should have that particular gift
Awesome, no?

Bet my mother-in-law LURVES her new teeth.