it’s all fun and games until someone…

It was Macaroni’s turn for her birthday rollerskating party today
And after the bruise-fest that was Magoo’s party earlier this month, I was a little apprehensive
Diamond was banned for skating all together. The broken ribs PLUS his arm in a sling from rotator cuff surgery last week, made it pretty easy to win that argument.
The day started off awesome by me showing up an hour earlier than the rink even opened,  thanks to my watch (that I haven’t worn in a while) still being on Las Vegas time.
That’s right, I was standing outside the rink, holding balloons and cookie cakes, calling the owner to tear him a new one…..when he politely told me it was 11am.
NOT 12pm
Jesus Talia.
But the party went off without a hitch. All the kids had a great time.
If you don’t count the one little girl who had an anxiety attack because she hadn’t taken her anti-eplilepsy drugs and the flashing disco lights were making her nervous and dizzy. So yeah, there was THAT.

(My fab foray into flash-less birthday party photography continues)

But….in a week that’s seen me attacked by a goat at a children’s farm, almost ruin the tooth fairy myth, see my not-quite-nine-year-old daughter being tall enought to look me in the eye, *lose my car, endure the fuckery that is bra shopping, AND put on ANOTHER 5 pounds…. you know….things are looking up.

On Wednesday…. the UK / Ireland tour starts
Huzzah motherfuckers!

*technically it was where I parked it the whole time….but bra shopping wears me the fuck out y’all and my eyes were TI-YERD!


hit pic, september 28, twenty twelve

Macaoni got a last minute phone call to go on a playdate with a new friend from school
While she was so excited she couldn’t sit still in the car when I was dropping her off
Magoo couldn’t stop her little lip from trembling
“…Friday night is movie night, and now I don’t even have a sister to play with.
My heart hurts Mummy”
So, in an effort to cheer her up, I told her WE would hang out and do ANYTHING at all she wanted to do, knowing full well that she’d probably ask for dinner at Hooters followed by a farting competition
But…she didn’t pick that.
She picked dinner in a fancy restaurant, (also known as her playroom)
With her one of her favourite dishes, bubble ‘n squeak meatloaf (it tasted WAY better than it looked)
She picked the soundtrack of One Direction and Bonnie Raitt
She told me all her new knock knock jokes

….Mummy, this is the best night ever. All my bestus things in one date together.
With my favouritest thing.

And at that heart melting moment….I knew then and there
That I was totally going to let her win the farting comp.