jenny does japan, day three (part 1)

Our week in Japan for MateRock went so fast, and was full-on times a bazillion. I didn’t get time to blog on the trip, because I was lazy and drunk a lot so I’m going to break it down over a few blogs, before I forget everything…

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We arrived a lot earlier than we needed to for the festival

Mainly to see some of the local acts perform

These young (but obviously very tall for their age…*ahem*) girls were hip hop dancers

And unbelievably good at it

But who I really wanted to see was these guys


An all girl, Japanese punk back

They were so cool

With all the moves – including a wicked Jimmy Hendrix solo by the tiny guitar player

With the guitar held over her back as she strutted all over the stage

One of their best songs was called, “I Love Chocolate”

So after their set, we swapped CDS

I got a copy of their chocolate song, and they got a copy of mine (Chocolate’s Better Than Sex)

In their broken English, they said they would love to learn one of my songs

I would fly back to Japan just to see that


This is Simon, a Kiwi based in Japan

Who drew the short straw was the lucky bastard that was our go-to guy for the trip

Everything from making sure we ate, to getting us to the show on time

Simon was our man AND a top bloke

We made a new friend!

These little dudes did a fiery set of traditional Japanese drumming

So disciplined….and SO cute

We caught up with the birthday boy

Who was already into the swing of things

And even in Japan, I managed to find new additions for my wanker wall

Then I caught up with the little drummer kids backstage

I took a pic of them with my phone and sent it thru to Diamond

I might have asked him if I could bring one home with me

He might have told me to lay off the crack pipe

Whatever – I reckon Macaroni and Magoo would MUCH rather have had a new sister than the silk kimono  brought back for them

They were so adorable and tiny

I would have taken more pics – but the tall dude at the back was already looking at me like I was some weirdo tourist lady

Which obviously I was

But wait, there’s more…but not yet, ’cause it’s 3am (hello jetlag) and I’m  off to see an old friend….Walmart…here I COME!

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