jenny does japan, day two (part 3)

Our week in Japan forΒ MateRock went so fast, and was full-on times a bazillion. I didn’t get time to blog on the trip,Β because I was lazy and drunk a lot so I’m going to break it down over a few blogs, before I forget everything…

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After paddling gorillas and mountaintop lunches

Our day was still going strong

But we were a bit knackered and gladly accepted offers to carry our guitars

It was sound check time!

For part of the year, this location is covered in snow and skiers

At this time of year, it made the perfect location for an outdoor music festival

I’ve played in a lot of places over the years

But none, matched the beauty and scenery of this stage’s backdrop

Not even Narrogin *cough*

Luckily all signs were in English too

Making it all a little less confusing for us Kalgoorlie kids

Did you know that Japan has mosquitos?

Me either

But now….NOW… I know

We weren’t at soundcheck long

We got off easy

Between the local crew’s efficiency

And the Kiwi and Aussie crew’s making sure we had everything we needed

It was a short & sweet end to the day

Just seeing the stage, and the fabbo location

Got me all excited for the gig the next day

See? This is my excited face

Not to be confused with my,Β holy-shit-I-am-being-eaten-alive-by-killer-mossies-that-don’t-speak-Australian face

But wait, there’s more…but not right now, ’cause my flight’s about to board (wait, didn’t I use that BS excuse already?)

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