free tickets…yep.

Hooly dooly – they’re letting me give some tickets away to some of this week’s shows!

When I say ‘letting me’ – it’s not like I have to have permission

I can do whatever the fuck I want

My shows

Just as long as I ask really nicely first


If you’re keen to come to

Thursday’s show (1st Sept) in FREMANTLE

or Friday’s show  (2nd Sept) in KALGOORLIE

or Saturday’s show (3rd Sept) in RAVENSWOOD

And you know what? Fuck it – I’ll give away some to tonight’s gig in NARROGIN (31st Aug) if you’re super quick

They haven’t given me any to giveaway for the NARROGIN show, but trust me, I KNOW people

I can get your arse in

Email me at

And I’ll pick some random winners, the official way

Eenie, meenie, miney, mo

And let the winners know ASAP

I was going to make you answer a question like, “on a scale of 1 to 10, how hot am I?”

But it was a trick question – ’cause the answer is 11

So I’m keeping it simple

Just send an email through…, NOW

Get on it!

And hopefully I’ll see your smiling mug soon




(part 2) things I learned in Sydney

Well, I actually learned this one in other places

When I worked with different crew

I learned that, once you’ve worked with great people

It’s so fucking frustrating hard to work with incompetent arseholes who make me all stabby anything less than that

On the Sydney tour, Daz, who is the lighting technician and all-round Mr Get-it-done

Celebrated working with Dad for 10 years

Only Mum & Anne have survived lasted longer

Daz is a Kiwi and flies in from New Zealand for every tour Dad does

I learned from him how the job is supposed to be done

Dad reckons he learned from him the difference between a Kiwi and a cunt

A cunt would never go to a party and make a Kiwi of itself

Love ya Daz