like she needs to be more like him

The girls are getting their Nanna & Poppy time in on this trip

Big time

Like, every day

Which is a whole pile of awesome for everyone

It’s a big ol’ mutual admiration society going on over here

But for anyone that reads this blog regularly

And knows about my youngest daughter, Magoo

How cute & spunky she is

Yes, cute & spunky is code for – Oh sweet Jesus if turns out anymore like my Dad we are all fucked – fucked I say!

You’d understand my trepidation & concern of her excess Poppy time

She  already lives by the DILLIGAF motto FAR to much for her Mummy’s liking

But I couldn’t separate them if I tried

They’re like Papa Smurf & Baby Smurf

Sonny & mini Cher

Laurel & Hardy the midget

Dad’s been working hard at educating the girls with as much ‘Australiana’ as he can

He loves that they live in Chicago and all that that entails

Annual trips to the U.S to see them

The awesome little ‘gansta’ accents they have

But he’s always been determined that they should know as much as he can teach them about their Aussie heritage

And the girls, in turn, are complete sponges

Hanging on his every word

He’s like a walking encyclopedia of Australia and it’s history

Ask a question – he’ll know the  answer

He’s also trying hard to instill in them, important life lessons about growing up in the bush

I don’t have the heart to tell him that some of his outback ‘ways’

Are lost on a couple of little city chicks from Chicago

But I’m happy let him keep sharing his chunks of Poppy wisdom with them

Like, “Never squat for a shit poop while you’re wearing spurs”

hit pic, july 28

After the girls had dinner tonight

I decided to take them for a walk to grab a yummy treat

I had 15 minutes before I had to leave for work

Yes, they had their *jimmy-jams on

But I took them out anyway

Because that’s what bogan mothers who don’t give a shit I do

You can take the girl out of Kalgoorlie…


*M&M speak for pyjamas

bum hole anyone?

If you went to a public toilet

How many of you would use this?

I mean if it was in a gay bar there’d be a line to use it

With a big jar of vaseline so no one gets hurt

I don’t reckon I could

Seriously, it’s too lifelike for me

There’s even hair on it

Or maybe I’ve been looking at it too closely *ahem*


I’d have to go without

Faced with this

I’d rather drip dry


*thanks Brett*