Our first stop on this mini tour of the Northern Territory was Granites Mining Site

It’s the first time I’ve been to a mining site where it’s ONLY a mine site

I’ve played plenty before, but they were towns, built AROUND a mining site

Granites is just the site, with accomodation

A recreational area, bar

And not a lot else

I left all my winterish clothes in Darwin

I figured I wasn’t going t0 need any of that stuff until I get to New Zealand on Sunday

Any mining gig I’ve ever done before has been hotter than a well-digger’s arsehole

Except this one


And this, coming from a girl that has lived in Chicago for more than a decade

So the first I thing I did when we reached camp was grab myself a stylin’ Granites hoodie

That only come in size XXXL

Those miners are big boys

I didn’t care, I was just happy to have something that was too big for me be warm

Heiny & I got to stay in the VIP quarters

Our own rooms, double beds

AND bathrooms

The rest of the dongers on site aren’t nearly as flash

We felt a bit spesh!

We got to eat all our meals in the mess with all the crew

Where Heiny’s pervey eyes just about fell out of her head 3 times a day

She didn’t come home with a husband

But the trip’s not over yet

When we took a walk around camp, we got to see the fun way some of the boys make the scenery their own

We came across so many great characters while we were there

Including Tyson

A funny little fucker who, after 20 or so drinks at the first show

Decided to yell out to me that he only had one testicle

And in case I didn’t hear him the first time

He continued to tell me all night

And was sure to inform me, that he didn’t need the extra nut anyway

He has two daughters, so obviously his one testicle is suffice

We called him POWERBALL

Then there was the young girl who was so into ‘The Waxing Song’, and let me know she felt my pain

“…I’ve been there sister!”

So I called her BALDY

I handed out a few fun nicknames while we were there

Because I’m an arsehole

Before we left, I told the bosses that I would love to come back again

It’s such a different experience

And the 7:30am show just about fucking killed me

But, I loved everything about the place

So, it’s all booked

I’m headed back to Granite’s the last week of November

And you know what’s going to make it even better?

DAD’S coming too!


  1. Glad to see the workers in no mansland are thought of Jenny, and not just us posh fuckers!
    Have you or your Dad, ever done a prison like Johnny Cash? If so is it on dvd?
    Love your blogs that make my days worth living again!

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