These pics are from last night’s show

Backstage in Hamilton

Right before Dad went onstage

Our first show in New Zealand

He started his set, as he does, with the song DILLIGAF

Sung to a backing track

But when he walked out on stage

The nearly 1,000 fans in Hamilton were so loud

Screaming and cheering their heads off

He couldn’t hear the backing track

So he couldn’t really start the show

Until they’d finished

He just stood in the middle of the stage, taking it all in

With the biggest shit-eating grin on his face the whole time

Well played, Hamilton

memorial day

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May.Formerly known as Decoration Day, which was first recorded to have been observed by Freedmen (freed enslaved southern blacks) in Charleston, South Carolina in 1865, at the Washington Race Course, to remember the fallen Union soldiers of the Civil War. Today, what is now known as Memorial Day, is a day of reflection and recognition of ordinary people who sometimes visit cemeteries and graves to honor their deceased relatives while also commemorating all U.S. Service Members who died while in military service.

In Australia we call it A.N.Z.A.C. day

But no matter where you live

Or where you’re from

Whether you have any loved ones, family or friends in the military

Days like Memorial Day should always be respected, observed and honored

We get to do what ever we want in our day to day lives

Because somewhere, someone else is putting their lives at risk, to make sure are lives are exactly what they are

Ful of choices, freedoms and all the things that all of us at some point, will take for granted

So many people who choose to make the military their world

Don’t ever get the choices and freedoms we get

Many, don’t ever get to come home at all

On days like today, there could never be enough words to truly convey how grateful we should be to all the men and women who risk everything, so that we can have everything

We can start with thank you

So today, and every day




security slut

Arrived in Auckland late last night

And drove today to Hamilton, where we’re kicking off the New Zealand tour tonight

I’m a bit knackered

But nothing that a good Nanna nap won’t fix

It’s not really all the flying that wears me out

Or the shows

Sometimes I think it’s the airports

The waiting

The carrying all your shit from one end to another

The lining up

And don’t even get me started on the security

That seems to get worse every time I travel

Especially always having to go through those new scanners at all the airports

But I’ve come to accept it

Embrace it even

I’m possibly a little more comfortable than I should be going through them these days

Why not I say!

I’ve working on the theory that the whole world really CAN be a stage

And stripper poles are optional


*thanks Anne