april fool to you!

Not really!

No, REALLY, not really

But guess what?

LITTLE JOHNNY THE MOVIE comes out 1st April!!

That’s like…..TOMORROW!!

Unless you’re reading this tomorrow

Then it’s like…….umm……TODAY!!

Either way, it’s very fucking exciting!

If you’re not in Melbourne, where it’s beingĀ screened

You can rent the movie for a 24 hour period and watch it on your computer

I have absolutely no idea how that works

But it sounds very cool

Here’s the official movie trailer

CLICK HERE to go to the Little Johnny Movie website

Or you can watch it from Dad’s website too, justĀ CLICK HERE

I’ve already seen a sneak preview

But I’m totally going to watch it again tomorrow

If I rent it for 24 hours

I can watch it while I have breakfast

In the car headed to Doncaster

Before the show tomorrow night

After the show

Before bed

I’m going to be one of those pain in the arse people that walks around reciting lines from movies like my husband

Hey! We can be like the cool kids that speak our own language

And just use different lines from the movie when we talk to each other like my brother does with old Seinfield episodes


Only thing is, is it’s not going to work very well if you guys haven’t seen the movie too

Off you go then!





hallam tickets anyone?

Oooh oooh oooh – how excitement

They’ve let me have some free tickets for tomorrow night’s show (which is technically tonight, I know) in HALLAM

(Tues 29th March)

Who wants to come?

We played there earlier in the tour and it was a ball-tearer

So I’m thinking round 2 is going to be doubly awesome!

OK – so if you want a chance to win (2) tickets to the show

Email me at jenny@jennytalia.com

And….ummm….trying to think of a question here….ummm

Oooh I KNOW!

Tell me how many kids I’ve got ’cause sometimes I forget

You don’t have to tell me their nicknames

Macaroni & Magoo are hard to remember sometimes

Oh wait, did I just give the answer away?


So yeah, email your answer to jenny@jennytalia.com

If you’re a winner – we’ll give you a call tomorrow!

So it’d really help if you included your phone number, OK?


And good luck entering!

Wait, that doesn’t sound right

Enter and win?

You might win if you enter?

Oh fuck – just send me an email if you want tickets alright?

Love ya guts


UPDATE – WINNERS ARE GRINNERS….and there was lots of that going on at the Hallam

Tres, Simone, Alyshia & Chelsea….congrats ladeeeez!!

bed wetting blues

When I was little and we would travel to the city (from Kalgoorlie) for holidays

My brother & I used to share a room at my Nanna & Pop’s house

I always smile when I remember Nanna coming to tuck us in at night

She used to take out her teeth, lean over our bed and say,

“…don’t pith ya bed “




Every time

The only way it could have been funnier

Would have been her running around the room singing this one to us

Toothless of course

Kinda makes you wish you grew up in a cult too, doesn’t it?