better man

I’ve written about bullies before

How they make me sad

And how they make me mad

Then I saw a story on the news a little while ago

About a boy who was set upon by a group of boys

Teased, bullied and beaten

And the arsewipes that beat up this 13 year old kid

Made a home movie of the attack


Because of their movie, they were caught

So, while they are now publicly recognised for being the fucktards they truly are

Their victim, Nadin

Has proven himself to be the real man in all of this


Who’s sorry now?


  1. Good on him, i hope they take those fuckers and hang them by their yet to descend nuts, this is the pride of people who cop this shit all the time, i got bullied nearly every day not as bad as this but nearly, i am the bigger person now, the ones who taunted me are the trailer trash and i am the successful one, i hate bullies they are just as bad as granny purse snatchers, always picking on the weaker kind.

  2. What Craig said, and then some…

    Stupidity comes with the territory of bullying…I’d like to cut into their chest with a red-hot dagger and put a heart into their empty, dark cavity…or just kick ’em into an incinerator.

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