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Tonight is the second of 2 sold out shows at Perth’s Burwood Casino

Selling out always feel amazing

But selling out in your hometown is kinda the coolest of the cool

There are added bonuses to playing at home too

Mum packs me a lunch to eat before the show

Altogether now…


I get to see my family

Like my favourite Australian sister-in-law, Robby

OK, she’s technically my ONLY Australian sister-in-law

But she’s still my favourite!

As with all family members, we put her to work

She was Mum’s co-merch bitch

And let me tell you, we’ve never sold so many of my t-shirts as we did last night

She can wear one ANY time!

The Burswood is an amazing venue

Comparible to some of the best venues we play at, anywhere in the world

A very fancy backstage

With a ‘green room’ that’s red

I’ve actually yet to see a green room that’s GREEN?

Big backstage area

To fit all our git-fiddles in

This is the ‘before’ shot

We had a proffessional photographer at the shows

I will upload those pics as soon as I have them

I’m pretty sure they’ll be a little less blurry than mine!

So it was awesome having family at the show

But it was a little WEIRD too

My brother Travis decided that his oldest two boys

Search & Destroy

Are finally old enough to come and see a show

And see what their Aunty & Poppy REALLY do at work

I won’t lie – I was a bit nervous about having them at the show

Believe it or not, I try REALLY hard to watch my mouth in front of them

So I was concerned they’d see me up on stage with the verbal diarrhea of the mouth

“…fuck, fuck, shit, bastard, wanker, fucktard….etc…”

And what would they think when they saw their POPPY

Who’s even WORSE??

I was a bit worried at how they’d take it

And tried to warn them beforehand

But my brother assured me they hear WAY worse at school

(which is actually where I learnt to swear)

I tried to prepare them

I even showed them the back of my guitar BEFORE the show

Scared that they wouldn’t cope seeing the big boobies for the first time

I made them feel better by telling them the picture on the back wasn’t of MY boobs

It their Mum’s.


  1. hahahahahaha…That was the “right thing” to say to the boys…if they don’t look their Mum in the eye again, you know why…

    I just can’t say it enough…Betty Rocks!

  2. Those fit on the merchandise chick? Really? Hope those young men survived the show (any ‘after photos’??)… having been ‘blooded’ into the family game!
    PS Glad your home show went so well – a glorious bird to anyone who gave you strife at school?

  3. What a fantastic show last nite, Jenny Talia you are just as good as your dad! Real down to earth aussies,who give a damn about us Perth people! Its a great feeling, that you are in the “Real world” like most of us.Cant wait till next year to see you again 🙂 x

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