When we were in Tassie, we met a great little girl

Her name was Shianne

You may have seen her on the Tasmania vlog

At about the 2:36 mark


Her Mum, Chantelle,  had sent a letter asking if Shianne could meet Dad

She’s only 11, but knows all the words to Dad’s songs

And loves him

You have to be 18 to see the show

So she came backstage before the Burnie concert to say hi and get some pics taken

Shianne has Alopecia

It’s a disease where your hair falls out

Sometimes in patches, sometimes all over

Shianne has Alopecia totalis

Which has made her totally bald

Eyebrows, eyelashes – all of it

Shianne first started loosing her hair when she was 7

As a Mum with a daughter who will be 7 this year

I try to imagine how she would cope losing her beautiful, long hair at this age

Being her Mum, I’m not sure I would handle it too well

Chantelle’s letter told of the hard time that Shianne gets at school

She gets teased constantly

Because we all know what motherfuckers how cruel kids can be sometimes

(And how much I hate bullying BUT how standing up to them can help)

So having something as obvious as ‘no hair’ would be such a magnet for the arsehole kids

So they give her a hard time

All the time

According to Chantelle, the school where Shianne goes, does fuck all about it is not too great at handling the situation

Shianne was told to, ‘deal with it’

As she would look like it for the rest of her life

So it’s in her ‘best interest’ to get used to the stares and smart arsed comments

When I spoke to Chantelle about it, I was gobsmacked

I’m not sure if changing schools is an option

But it’s something I would look into

After I told them to all go fuck themselves!

Asking an 11 year old girl to just deal with name-calling and constant teasing?

If that’s not absolute bullshit, I don’t know what is

Then I spoke to Shianne

And seriously, she is the cutest, sweetest, giggly little girl in the world

It seems so unfair

What she has to go through every day

Her friends and family are currently raising money

So that Shianne can go and meet some other kids who have Alopecia

She’s the only one in Tasmania

And has never met anyone else who suffers from it

She’s very excited

She wanted to have one of my albums, but we’d sold out on the night

Plus I was a little hesitant

OK, I was A LOT hesitant

About handing over an album of my ‘fuck’ songs to an 11 year old kid

Her Mum assured me it was OK

So I ended up sending her a signed copy

Along with a kick boxing dvd

To help her deal with the fuckers at school

And maybe kick some arse

I figure if I’m going to be a bad influence

I might as well give it my best shot



Update – they raised the money, so Shianne is planning her trip to go & meet some new friends!!


  1. I have a very dear friend who has had the same thing since we were in high school. When we graduated, she went to school to learn to cut hair… the freaking brain dead asshole of an instructor told my friend to “invest in a wig. No one wants their hair by a bald hairdresser” – Can you believe that shit?!
    My friend promptly told the instructor to “stuff it” changed schools and the best part? She IS doing hair to this very day and is one of THE BEST hairdressers around the small town I come from. She has SO many clients, she has had to stop taking new ones.
    Shiane will too, she has it in her eyes. Just like my friend “D” same determination.

  2. Love the Kickboxing DVD Idea ~ That’ll Fuck ‘Em.

    I hope Shianne has a fantastic trip and that her and her friends have a great time hanging out.

    You are a beautiful, brave and strong young lady Shianne, Don’t ever let anyone make you think different!

  3. What a great kid, shame she has to deal with kids and parents that don’t or won’t understand, surely the education dept can step in n kick the schools ass into dealing with this childs bullying, or better still send me n a baseball bat fuckhead kids come from fuckhead parents in my opinion, she be right n have the last laugh n what a great outcome hope she has a blast.

  4. Pity the school authorities dont see things like you do. Maybe the officials should be shaved in areas that the public will see as well as areas that the public do not see. ARSEHOLE Good on her. A real hero.

  5. Kids are so cruel. I feel for Shianne and her parents. Schools these days don’t give two fucks about what effects bullying is having on kids. My 12 year old son who is top of his class in every subject is being bullied every day. If it’s not name calling they are pushing him into concrete walls. The school which is a private catholic school and we pay bloody good money for him to go there says he has to learn to deal with it as he will always be different because he is smart and more mature then kids his own age. We have now pulled him out of this school. It’s so hard being the parent of a child who is being bullied because you feel so powerless.

  6. I have 8 year old twin girls one of whom has Aspergers and partial Alopecia. She had to put up with some shit from the first school she went to. It wasn’t the kids though, it was the saggy arsed bitch mothers. As you know Aspergers is mainly a communication difficulty, knowing how to respond appropriately. Once word got around that she was different, all the party invites dried up, kids never came to play and obviously this affects the other twin too.
    The mothers didn’t want my little girl near their’s as she was naughty and too much trouble.

    Would suggest Chantelle takes a look at the schools legal obligations and keep a dairy of shit that happens. Then take legal action againt the Education Authority and the Headteacher personally. That should should see some results quick enough.

    My little girl responds appropriately enough now when dealing with dickheads, wankers and jerks and we all know what that is…

  7. Im so glad that you and your Dad gave Shianne something to smile about and to remember for the rest of her life. Going by that huge smile on her face shows that she does have a little confidence left,but for how long, Im sure as the years roll on she will have it all kicked out of her.. People can be so bloody cruel,but there’s always ‘Karma’ and hopefully one day it will turn around and bite those cold hearted dickheads right on the arse..Reading the above shows that she really left an imprint on both you & ur dads heart and what you both did for her may have been a little thing but to her it was huge. ”Simply The Best” Cheers Patricia xxxxx

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