hmas sydney

On 19th November 1941 the HMAS SYDNEY sank

There were 645 Australian sailors on board at the time

The location of the wreck was a mystery for more than 60 years

Until 16 March 2008, when it was discovered off the coast of Geraldton

It was found just 4 days after the wreck of the German Ship, HSK KORMORAN was found

The 2 ships had fought a battle in 1941

That was the last time the HMAS SYDNEY was ever seen

The only survivors from the encounter were German

They became Australian prisoners of war

It really is such a fascinating story

For so many years, there was only questions

Where was the SYDNEY?

Why were there no Australian survivors?

Finding the ship has gone a long way to answering some of those questions

I think it’s also given family members some peace

My Pop, who is my Mum’s Dad

Lost his little brother that day in 1941

He was a stoker on the ship

Percival Pascoe

I know Pop doesn’t talk about it much

I gave him some books about it  a couple of years ago, that I know he read

I asked him afterwards if they were any good, if he enjoyed reading them

In his usual way he answered, yeah they were alright

That’s like a 2 thumbs up from Pop in my book

There’s a fantastic memorial here in Geraldton for the HMAS SYDNEY

Mum & I went to see it today

We’ve both been here before

But it’s still really emotional

Don’t ask me why I’m just a sook with faulty tear ducts

It’s such a peaceful place

A beautifully designed tribute

With sweeping views from the highest vantage point in Geraldton

I’m a big believer in always showing respect to those who have risked their lives

And lost their lives

And fought for us to be here

Be normal, and live the lives we live

And never forget the sacrifices it’s taken, and continues to take

If you’re interested, you can read more about the HMAS SYDNEY’s story here:


There’s been some new books written about the SYDNEY

Amendments to the story, now that the wreckage has been found

I grabbed a few of them today at the museum

I’m looking forward to reading them

As soon as Pop’s done with them


  1. great tribute to the HMAS Sydney, i was up there just a couple days ago and went up to the memorial on the day of your first gero show. my great grandfather lost a brother on the Sydney , Able seaman basel farmer garrett.. cant wait to see yas again .

  2. great tribute to the soldiers how fought for Australia and to the soldiers how sacrificed there life for us
    lest we forget

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