anzac day

The Aussies reading this will most likely have today off

It’s a public holiday for pretty much everyone

A great day to spend outside, weather permitting

Hanging out with family

Enjoying their free day


I hope that all of them take some time to remember why we have this day off

This ANZAC Day

And I hope everyone appreciates

The sacrifices given

The sacrifices that continue to be given

So that we have these freedoms

Many of us take our lifestyle

Our way of living

And our freedom for granted

Let’s make sure today is the one day we don’t


(my Pop in last year’s ANZAC day march)


  1. They shall not grow old as those that are left grow old. Age will not weary them nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we shall remember them. Lest We Forget

  2. My wife and I are Poms. But her grandfather served with the ANZACs (in the Kiwi formation – it’s a long story) at Gallipoli and the rest of the war in Palestine. He survived the war, but the nightmares of what he went through there tortured him for the rest of his short life (he died in 1923, aged 37).

    We will not forget.

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