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After I arrived yesterday and dropped Dad off at the pub

I went back to Mum & Dad’s to have a quick shit, shave & shower

To scrub 40 hours worth of traveling skank from my not so wee self

So I could go back to the pub and meet them


‘Cause I didn’t know until I arrived

But yesterday was my Nanna and Pop‘s wedding anniversary

And it wasn’t just ANY anniversary

It was their 69th!

and I’m not even going to be a smart arse about that number

Holy snapping duckshit I say

I reckon I’d be happy to live for 69 years

But to be married for 69?

Is there a medal for that?

‘Cause there totally should be


Recently Nanna has been moved to a nursing home

It was a tough move for everyone involved

But really has turned out to be the right decision

She’s getting taken care of there

And she loves it and not just ’cause they give her beer

But Pop’s a stubborn old bastard not keen to go to

Even though we’ve promised him a good rate on the honeymoon suite there

He loves their apartment on the river, and doesn’t want to leave

And I agree with him

When you get to be in your 90’s

I’m thinking you can do whatever the bloody hell you want to

So for now, they live apart

Which has been really hard on Pop

When Nanna first left

Pop would catch three different buses

EVERY day, to go and see her

He reckons catching the bus was getting too hard (he’s only just given up his driver’s license)

So now he get’s a taxi

Rain, hail or shine

To go and visit his Jeanie Marie

EVERY single day

And I believe that right there folks

Is how you stay married for so long

And I know everyone’s definition of love is different

But I only have to look at the two of them when they are together

To know that THAT, is what love is

I’m so happy I could be here to see them on their special day

It meant so much that they still remember who I am were so glad to see me

Who said it’s not a good idea to yell, ‘SUPRISE!’ to two people who are in their 90’s?


  1. Omg that is just soooo bloody beautiful..It bought me to tears.. Are they your mums or dads parents? You are so lucky to still have both of them in your lives. .I wish i still had my ”parents” never loan ”Grand parents”.My parents died in 1987 when I was only 32yrs old, six months apart, dad was 87 & mum 75, poor mum died from a broken heart, as they were married for 55yrs and she couldn’t bear to be here without her hubby.After producing 17 kids I would have to say there was alot of love between them..
    If only marraige was more important nowdays..
    As funny as you and your dad are, when It comes to your family you can feel the love that you all have for each other just by looking at you all on facebook.
    Enjoy your stay in w.a. with all of your loved ones. take care love Patricia Gaden (grant smalls ma)xxxxx

  2. Thank you Pat!
    They are my Mum’s parents
    We lost Dad’s a few years ago (well we didn’t lose them – we know where they are!)
    I’ve was lucky to have all my grandparents in my life as both a kid, & an adult
    Will I see Grant at the show Friday??

  3. Of course you will see me there,I would’nt miss it for the world,Im youre #1 fan remember!!!

    Will see you tomorrow night………….oh yeah and you to mum!! lol
    Grant Small

  4. Such a beautiful love story, I reckon they deserve at least a telegram from the Queen for that. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I grew up without any grandparents, that’s what happens when your mother is 2nd youngest of 14 and you are the youngest of 5, the grandies start dying before you’re even born. When I hear stories like this, it makes me sad to think what I missed out on but more determined that my grandkids will have what I didn’t. Enjoy WA and NT. Give my baby girl a hug from me tomorrow night. xx

  5. Hey Jen,
    Of course you will see me there,would’nt miss it for the world…I’m youre number 1 fan remember!!

    See ya tomorrow night mate…..and you too mum!!

    Grant xxx

  6. It is so lovely to see people who are so in love and so dedicated to seeing each other. I only had one grandparent as a child (my Dad’s Mum) as my Dad’s Dad died when he was only 7 or 8, Mum’s Dad died before I was born and Mum’s Mum died when I was only 4. I always wished I had grandparents.

    Now I don’t have my parents either. They died in 2008, 12 weeks apart. Dad died of a broken heart after Mum died. They’d been together 46 years (or something like that). I was 32 then and it felt odd not having parents or grandparents. My inlaws are both gone too.

    Today is me and hubby’s 5th wedding anniversary. I was 29 when we married. I can only hope we have a lot more years together (although I don’t think we’ll make a 69th anniversary! – good on your grandparents for getting there). People always say that when they see us together it is blindingly obvious how much we love each other and how good we are together. I hope we can carry that on.

    Hope you have lots of fun seeing your parents and grandparents – cherish them because when they’re gone you will miss them!! (And come back to the UK soon – we missed you this time cos you were back home in the US when your Dad came to Basingstoke, please don’t miss this part of the UK next time, we’d love to hear you live!)

  7. Wow!! That is so good to see some photos of them! I’m Brian & Denise’s granddaughter and haven’t seen Nan & Pop for ages, they used to come to Kal every race round and Pop always did a morning walk to get the paper and I could never keep up even as a young girl! They are amazing people and that was a beautiful read! Xx

  8. Sending the HAPPIEST of 69th Anniversary wishes to the Lovebirds! How fortunate you are to have such wonderful role models for marriage! May every Taxi ride feel shorter than the day before and the union as exciting as the anticipation…Cheers!
    BIG SQUEEZE to all…Jxxx

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