aunty love

We all got together while I was back in Perth, to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday

I think the fact that she’s managed to put up with our family for over 20 years should make her eligible for some kind of saint hood award thingy is an achievement on it’s own

And she’s still kind of normal

emphasis on the KIND OF

So we went down to the marina by Mum & Dad’s place

It’s always so good to see my nephews

Search, Destroy & Leadbelly

The twins are 11 now

And Leadbelly will be 8 later this year

All 3 of them are nearly as tall as me

and have been since they were like, FIVE how scary is that?

They’re such good kids

And sat patiently while the adults talked bullshit & drank too much caught up

And when boredom set in

The good ol’ iPhones saved the day

The boys even overcame my gay blingy sparkly, girl phone covers

And created some fugly Poppy pics fun stuff

It’s always a big BOOOOOO saying goodbye to the boys

And goodbye to this

These sunsets are pretty special

Maybe one day soon Diamond & I will have our own speccy sunsets

And a bigger house so my nephews can come & stay with us whenever they want

For as long as they want

And I’ll never let them leave keep them forever

Some might call it kidnapping

I call it AUNTY-LOVE

nuts about flowers

I love to take photos

And when I travel

My camera is always within reach

Except when I lose it

But other than that

It’s always right with me

On this trip

Because I am clearly losing my mind for some unknown reason

I have been taking photos of flowers

I just have a little point & shoot camera

Nothing fancy

But I’m thinking that these don’t suck too bad they turned out OK

I’ve been wanting a real, big girl, grown up bulky & horribly expensive camera for a while

And I’d love to see what I could do with that

I had fun taking these

Who’d have thought?

Me, a flower photographing chick

Don’t be too concerned though

I’ll still take photos of the good stuff too

Imagine the clarity of testicle shots I could get?

Bulls balls in 3D!!




PS – if you click on the photo it will show it in greater detail. Good for the flower shots. The animal ones? Not so much.