friday the 13th

On Friday the 13th February

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth

A few years back

Cecil & Hazel had their 4th, of what would eventually be 7, children

He would grow up to do pretty well in life

He left home at 16 to travel around Australia

With not much more than his guitar

And a desire to make his mark

He certainly did that

That determination has seen him succeed even more than I think he could have ever dreamed


He has a big life with a lot of loves in it

And he’s lucky enough to count his job as one of those

One of the his other great loves is his country

He’s a true blue Aussie

I don’t know anyone more passionately patriotic

Being Australian is a huge part of who he is

But if you ask him what his biggest love is

What he’s most passionate about


He’ll tell you that he’s most proud of

What he considers his biggest success

Is this

And this

nice porn ‘stach

Which led to these





A great ambassador for Australia

He’s the best friend you could ever have

A devoted husband

An amazing Dad

And the world’s best Poppy

Happy Birthday Dad

Love you




PS – Hey Dad, I made this my first blog, in like forever, where I didn’t say FUCK – how good’s that?

I figure you kinda say it enough for both of us. And also, ’cause I’m like, a lady and shit, you know?

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  1. I know I’m a bit behind here and all but…

    You’ve done yourself PROUD in all aspects of your life, Kev…I know you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY…look at all those amazing “Gifts”!


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