oh canada

So the Canadian Women’s Hockey Team won gold

Very cool

I watched some of the game and they really out played the US ladies on the night

And after they won they decided to get their ‘party’ on

As you would, right?

But, as Miss 4 likes to say, appeawent-wy not

No sir

Those girls are now in more shit than a¬†proctologist’s pinky

That IS the finger the bum doctor uses isn’t it?

So now the Olympic Committee is all bent out of shape about the bad example these girls are setting

It’s not like they were sticking the cigars up their vaj jays shooting up heroin for fuck’s sake

Yeah, they’ve got their tampons well and truly twisted they think it’s ‘most inappropriate’


There’s no topless photos

There’s no sex tapes

There’s no DUI’s

and there better not be girls or won’t I look silly

They’re just a group of athletes

Who have been training most of their lives

Day in, day out

And I’m pretty sure there hasn’t been much partying going on in the lead up to the games

I think they deserve a beer

And have earned any celebration they want to have

It’s harmless

So lighten the fuck up, dudes at the IOC

That’s 2 strikes for your crappy committee, in my books

Yeah, that’s right

I’m still pissed about the whole Rio thing



But if you decided you wanted to include blogging as an event for 2016

Then I might just think about forgiving you wankers

here or there

I know I talk a lot about the snow

I love it

I think I’m always going to love it

No matter how long I’m in Chicago

I don’t know how to not sound cheesy when I say this

But it’s just beautiful

It makes everything that would otherwise look dead and lifeless

Look stunning

But enough about the snow


Look where I’m headed next week suckers!

So, while I love the snow blah, blah, blah-dy, blah

I’m more than happy for a bit of a change up

And the QUEENSLAND TOUR is going to provide the polar opposite weather to what we’re having here right now

But I think I can handle it

Even though home is where the heart is

I’ll be where it’s warm

While the kids are back here

Probably making snow angels if this weather continues

And I’ll miss them like I always do

And I might even miss Diamond a bit too

My own ‘special’ snow angel



(Diamond’s ACTUAL butt not used in this post – but I think they just might be his boots)