call me immature

But I just love these kind of photos

They’re fromĀ

Which is the perfect site to go and visit

If you want to see Lady GaGa’s mum doing her weekly shopping

Or if you want to laugh at the redneck fuglies your having a ‘not so cute day’


I found it made me feel like the hot mama I IS Miss World

After I’d been trying on swimsuits for my holiday

And I’m hoping that I find some of these bubble arsed specimens on the trip

To hang loose out with

And who knows, maybe we could be friends if I get wasted enough


Yeah, We could do what friends do

Like, ummm…. I dunno

Talk about our kids and trade parenting tips

And I could pass on my breastfeeding advice

Although some people are just naturally good at it

I could maybe learn some new cellulite remedies

How cool would it be if someone could show me how to best display my ‘back boobs’?

I’m totally taking my camera just in case excited already!