the best of 2009


So I was thinking about what sort of post I wanted to have as my last one for the decade

Something profound?


And I thought, you guys can go read someone elses blog for that shit

So in the interest of saving time

For me & you

There’s alcohol to be consumed you know

Like DUH – it’s NEW YEAR’S EVE

Instead of a blog

I’m going to do a list

Which is a lot like one of my blogs really

Short sentences, one after another

Only with HEADINGS


Going through my favourite things of 2009

Here goes…



I realise that some of these were released before 2009. I think we’ve already established that I’m a fucktard



(different to albums – these were just songs that ‘did it’ for me this year – again some were released ‘fuck knows when’)

  • you’ll always find your way back home – hannah montanna soundtrack (Don’t laugh you fuckers. If you saw Miss 4 bust a move to this at cheerleader camp, you’d love the shit out of this tune too!)
  • who says – john mayer (’cause this is different for him, and I liked it)

  • heavenly day – patty griffin (I love this song every year)
  • hot & cold – katy perry (the girls and I danced out arses off every time we heard this – yet somehow I still have an arse?!?!)
  • smile – uncle kracker (great song to use for a photo slideshow)

  • looking out – brandi carlile (’cause I just love listening to this chick sing)

FAVOURITE SHOWS (that we played):

(we had a year full of great shows, but these ones came to mind first)

  • the grove – dunstable UK (the audience were 11 out of 10)
  • vicar st – dublin (the best sing-a-long  – the Irish accents helped)

  • north sydney leagues – sydney (where I caught up with mates & that snobby chick spewed)
  • christchurch – new zealand (where I was warned they’d be loud – and they were right – awesomely so)

  • ferntree gully – victoria (where we celebrated Dad’s 25th year in the biz)




I chose these ones based on your feedback

That I totally haven’t even read yet – but I continue to live in hope and will keep carrying them around in my suitcase, just in case I have a spare 6 hours, when I don’t need a nap
“Um, Tiger? You can marry the blondest, most Nordic-looking chick on the planet – but if you cheat, she will go ghetto on your ass”….quote from one of my favourite bloggers – happy meals and happy hour
  • H1N1 Epidemic – oh really? (watch me get struck down by it now that I’ve been a smart arse!)
  • Jon & Kate – the colossal clusterfuck that won’t go away
  • miracle on the hudson river – amazing, amazing, AMAZING!

FAVOURITE THING: (that I can’t live without)
  • Diamond, Miss 6, Miss 4 & Fluffy
  • Yellow Tail merlot

  • My laptop & iphone

  • My passport
  • Starbucks

  • Ranch flavoured rice cakes
There was a few this year
  • The one that stands out the most was definitely our Griswald Family Vacation trip to The Great Wolf Lodge in Ohio
  • New Zealand – all of it. What a beautiful country
  • Cardiff, Wales – I’ve always loved that city – aaand we had a DAY OFF there!
(What a short drive that WASN’T)
well, I made a lot of good ones this year
  • Australia with the girls

  • bringing Fluffy home

  • Diamond’s surprise birthday party
  • recording the new album with my brother Trav
  • getting to tour with Mum & Dad for Dad’s 25th year
(this one hasn’t changed much)
  • be with my family
  • write this blog
  • perform

  • sleep
  • exercise (yeah right, just wanted to see if you were paying attention)
What are some of your favourites??

video of the (new year) week

Well, it’s that time of year again

I thought about posting a really funny New Year’s video

One that would make you piss yourself laughing

And then I thought


I’ll post this one instead

And I’ll just piss myself thinking about you sitting through it

Doesn’t everyone love some ABBA?

Oh, just me then