thank you

So, today’s the last day of the tour

The last show tonight is going to be a huge sold out one in Belfast

We’ve traveled over 11,500 miles (over 18,500kms)

Stayed in more than 60 different hotels

We’ll have done 73 show, playing to thousands and thousands

(I lost count)

Eaten way too many Subways

Drank Starbucks coffee at every opportunity

Got to see so many great mates along the way

And meet shitloads of new ones

And had more fun than you can imagine

So, England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales

From all of us



7 years ago

7 years ago today

Diamond and I made vows

To drive eachother fucking mental love, honour, blah, blah, blah

Until one of us kills the other one death do us part

We had such a great wedding in Chicago

We went to Australia and had another one

Happy Anniversary babe

Saying yes to you is still the smartest thing I ever did

See you tomorrow!