this week’s dear jenny

Dear Jenny

I’ve been having the strangest dreams that started about a week ago. I’m always in a plane and I get up to go to the toilet and I started killing people and laughing while I did it. ┬áThen my grandma showed up in a flight attendant’s uniform offering me goat flavoured fairy floss with my apple juice. Then I jumped out of the plane but my parachute wouldn’t open. What do you think Jenny?

Ummm… well I think you might need to lay off the Jesus Juice for a while mate. If that doesn’t work – here’s my shrink’s number give this number a call – 1800-WACK-JOB

Good luck! you fruit loop

video of the week

I’m having a bit of deja` vu with this one

I think I may have actually posted it before

I could just look back through my blogs and check

But I’ve filed that in the way too hard category

So fuck it

Here it is again

Is it just me, or does farting make you laugh every time?

Especially when it’s on video and you don’t have to smell it!