he ain’t heavy…

One of the things I’m procrastinating about getting done while we’re here in Sydney is the new album

Writing new songs is a real buzz after a bottle of red once I get started

GETTING started is the hard part

One thing I do love about recording though, is getting to hang out with my brother Travis

He is the smart arse talented one in the family

He has his own studio here, and does all the music, background vocals & mixing etc for all of mine and dad’s cds

He actually PLAYS the instruments

As apposed to Dad & I

Who kinda just use the guitar as a drum kit

He’s very good at what he does

And used to play guitar in my band years ago before I went dirty when I used to play straight country music

He also has a beautiful wife & three gorgeous boys

And he’s got a ‘real’ job as a commercial airline pilot

What a loser huh?

One comment

  1. Travis! Travis! He’s The Man
    He’s the Fly Guy in the Band!
    YEA, TRAVIS!!!
    *I can now add “Cheerleader” to my CV*

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